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    Poxies and Moxies

    By dddaksina, Jun 22, 2013

    Tod and Linc are almost absent from this episode.

    Simon appears to be a mild sociopath as he terrorizes the neon sign, his father, and would be child admirers. He tries to convince his sister that she shouldn't leave the bucolic rural life for the big city of Savanna.

    Instead of driving a motorcycle, he jockies a Farmall tractor.

    His pride and shame at being a country boy is revealed and resolved in a mild brutalization of a slightly sympathetic city girl. She, like Simon, is a bit off kilter, but her tears evolke sympathy.

    Tod and Link step in to put an end to the verbal abuse. Tod offers him this advice - "when you get burned, scream and learn to live with it".

    The sign goes up. Progress comes to rural Georgia. The sister is carried away by Tod and Link to the city, with Simon's inferred blessing.

    Lesson - even though they left the car back in Savanna and are driving a truck, cool cars win the day over a Farmall tractor.moreless

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