Route 66

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    This was a great series and could have had another couple of years maybe, on the air. The episodes were often intellecually inspired. The characters were role models and the show's message was generally about decency to your fellow man.

    By RGREEN9640, Apr 18, 2009

    I liked the variety of famous locations and now historic value of the locations they chose to shoot the episodes. The writing was excellent, especially those written by Stirling Silliphant. Who also helped to create the show and another hit series, "The Baked City". Silliphant also received notable recognition for his writing involvements with "The Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and 'Perry Mason" series'. Route 66 is one tf the classic shows of the early sixties and a documentary of this country during that period before so much had been lost forever due to population growth and development. Route 66 is a work of art in the medium of television.moreless

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    This was my favorite TV show in the early sixties. Very seldom did I miss an episode. I developed a life long love of corvettes due to this show, and to this day, my favorite vettes are the 60-63 vettes shown in the series.

    By Bobzmcishl, Feb 05, 2006

    Route 66 was a well written show with a constantly changing cast of guest roles played by veteran stars or newcomers on their way up. Martin Milner and George Maharis plus there beloved corvettes were the stars of the show and the anchor that supported the wonderful guest appearances. The success of the show was primarily for three reasons:

    1. Martin Milner and George Maharis were both very likeable in their roles as Tod and Buz.Tod was my favorite character; I have always liked Martin Milner, and got a chance to meet him once at a Route 66 car show in San Bernardino.

    2. The great writing that featured differenct locales and good offbeat story lines.

    3. The symbolism of the open road and a carefree lifestyle have a special place in the phyche of America. It\\\'s amazing that few other shows captured it like Route 66.

    I have been looking for videos of the shows for years but haven\\\'t

    found any yet. I wonder why the series hasn\\\'t come out on DVD yet? Maybe they haven\\\'t aged well. The Route 66 produced in the early 90\\\'s was not nearly as good as the original show and thus didn\\\'t last long.moreless

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