Route 66

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    This was a great series and could have had another couple of years maybe, on the air. The episodes were often intellecually inspired. The characters were role models and the show's message was generally about decency to your fellow man.

    By RGREEN9640, Apr 18, 2009

    I liked the variety of famous locations and now historic value of the locations they chose to shoot the episodes. The writing was excellent, especially those written by Stirling Silliphant. Who also helped to create the show and another hit series, "The Baked City". Silliphant also received notable recognition for his writing involvements with "The Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and 'Perry Mason" series'. Route 66 is one tf the classic shows of the early sixties and a documentary of this country during that period before so much had been lost forever due to population growth and development. Route 66 is a work of art in the medium of television.moreless

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    The writing was top notch. So many famous actors and actresses got their start here. Yet it's not on DVD. It's a shame.

    By sebastian8flyte, Dec 04, 2005

    Although this show began in 1960, it really is still part of what I would call the Golden Age of Television. Stirling Silliphant wrote most of the scripts. They were always thought provoking. In 1960, I was 9. Oh, how I wanted to be a boy, driving around America in a Corvette, just like Buz and Tod!! I was so totally addicted to this show. Unfortunately, VCRs for the average home were just a dream in those days. Videos are available only through Columbia CAN sometimes find them available on Ebay. My favortie episode was called Even Stones Have Eyes...where Buz goes blind. They tried to remake the show in the 90s but without decent scripts it fizzled quickly.moreless

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