Ruby Gloom

Misery Loves Company

Season 1, Ep 17, Aired 5/6/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Misery's cousins, Malady and Malaise, come to visit to celebrate the 7th anniversery of when Misery was rescused from an ice flow. But during their visit, the whole house starts to get really cold until everything freezes up. Misery tells everyone that this always happens when her cousins are together and the only way to stop the cold is to seperate them. Now, the gang is trying their best to keep the cousins seperated.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Stacey Depass


  • Sarah Gadon


  • Adrian Truss


  • Peter Keleghan

    Scaredy Bat

  • David Berni


  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • A light-hearted look at Misery's infamous family, which is even crazier than we ever imagined. Of course, who said crazy was a bad thing?

    By VioletzeWriter, May 19, 2008

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  • Quotes (4)

    • Misery: My cousins are coming? Ruby... you invited... my cousins? My cousins... together, as a duo? As two people joined together in sibling unity?
      Ruby: Well it was gonna be a surprise, but yes! Isn't it great?

    • Malady: Ouch! An acorn hit me in the head. Now I'll get scurvy. Poe: Oh, my dear, one gets scurvy due to lack of vitamin C. Perhaps your ailments are psychosomatic, that is, all in your head. (zoom out to show Malady's green face) Aah! I stand corrected.

    • Frank: Unbelievable! On the seventh anniversary of the day Misery was rescued from an iceflow, she's stuck - on an iceflow! Len: I believe that is what is called "onomatopoeia" Frank: No Len, it's not. It's "irony" Len:: Well, that sure would be easier to spell.

    • Malady: So then the doctor said the corn will have to come off the foot. Can you believe that? Scaredy: No! I cannot! Malady: The specialist had never seen a corn that long on a toe. There was talk of amputation, but they couldn't find a saw big enough. Scaredy: (to himself) I will never say "Hello, how are you?" again in my life! Malady: (while Scaredy is talking) Luckily, it wasn't my foot, it was my tennis elbow. (after Scaredy finishes speaking) Strange since I don't play tennis isn't it. There was talk of amputation, but then how do you amputate an elbow?

    Notes (7)

    • Running Gag: Every time someone asks Malady what happened to her arm, she gives a very long and detailed explanation. But actually, it doesn't have to be about anything as specific as her arm. At the end, she does it again just because Scaredy Bat asked her how she's doing.

    • Malaise is narcoleptic (a person with an overwhelming excess of daytime sleepiness).

    • Skull Boy's Persona: Ice Sculptor

    • This episode revolves around Misery.

    • Frank and Len have a tattoo on their chest which is of the smiley face symbol on their shirt.

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    Trivia (1)

    • The sash Skull Boy wears for the second half of the episode is a traditional sash worn at the Quebec winter carnival.

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