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  • In the year 1989, two married parents named Gabor Csupo and Arlene Klasky made the pilot for the show; their baby son, Brendon, was their inspiration to create the Rugrats. After showing it to Nickelodeon they automatically liked it and turned it into a series; in three years, Rugrats had aired more than fifty episodes. With a total of sixty five episodes they stopped making new episodes and Rugrats was shown in primetime in 1994; after that, the popularity of the show increased. Nickelodeon realized what good ratings they had and they decided to air brand new episodes of Rugrats in 1997; it was so popular that it had its first movie to be shown in theaters the following year featuring a new Rugrat named Dil. After the movie, they aired even more new episodes, including Dil with them on the show; then again in the year 2000, Nickelodeon made a second movie for the Rugrats, giving Chuckie a stepmom and featuring another new Rugrat named Kimi. More new episodes aired after that with Kimi and in the year 2001, Nick had big plans for the show. With Rugrats in their tenth year, so Arlene Klasky and Nickelodeon decided to make the Rugrats ten years older in their anniversary special, "All Growed Up;" this episode was the most viewed Rugrats-related episode. Originally, there were only four young rugrats who would sit in their playpen watching the world go by. The fearless leader of the group was Tommy Pickles, a resourceful baby who hides a plastic screwdriver in his diaper so that they can leave the pen. His best friend was Chuckie, a fearful, red-haired toddler who reluctantly agreed to venture out into the open, unsafe areas of the house. There were also the twins Phil and Lil who were always ready for any new challenge. Leaving the safety of their own playpen, the children would explore their surroundings and try to make sense out of what the adults are doing. Some of the most interesting characters were the parents and Tommy and Angelica's grandfather who would always fall asleep when taking care of the children. The parents' comments are so genuine that they bring a sense of reality to the show. Even the parents had different lives, with Chuckie's widowed father, and Angelica's loving father and busy mother. The series won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program, Outstanding Animated Children's Program, Outstanding Animation and Outstanding Children's Animated Program.moreless

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  • S 9 : Ep 10

    Fountain Of Youth/Kimi Takes The Cake

    Aired 10/5/02

  • S 9 : Ep 9

    The Bravliest Baby/Gimme An "A"

    Aired 6/8/03

  • S 9 : Ep 8

    Baby Sale/Steve

    Aired 2/26/03

  • S 9 : Ep 7

    Bestest Of Show/ Hold The Pickles

    Aired 9/28/02

  • S 9 : Ep 6

    Mutts In A Name/Hurricane Alice

    Aired 2/24/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tara Strong

    Dil Prescott Pickles /Timmy McNulty

  • Michael Bell

    Drew Pickles/Chazz Finster

  • Kath Soucie


  • Tress MacNeille

    Charlotte Pickles

  • Cree Summer

    Suzie Carmichael

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    • Grandpa: Hold on there, little fella! This is no place for you!

    • Grandpa: Hold on there, little fella! This is no place for you! (Grandpa carries Tommy out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, where Stu, Didi and two guests were talking over dinner.)
      Stu: (off camera, to guests) I figure another couple of months until Tommy starts talking...
      Grandpa: Hey, Stu, I found your boy about to go sage belly in the water closet.

    • Angelica: What do you weigh now, 25 pounds?

    • Tommy: Spike already ate all of the food. Lil: But I wanted to sleep in the flowers. Angelica: And I wanted to bite the mail man.

    • (Boris tastes the carrot cake) Boris: Carrot cake? In my country we always have chocolate cake! Minka: As you can see, we're not in the old country, Mr. Chocolate Cake. Boris: For your information, Minka, Chocolate cake is international! Minka: Oh, so suddenly he's now Mr. International!

    • Stu: Good morning, Champ.

    • Didi: Mommy's ears are not a toy.

    • Stu: (as little Red Riding Hood puppet) Why grandma, what big eyes you have. Drew: (as Big Bad Wolf puppet) Why, thank you.

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    Notes (151)

    • Tommy Pickles is voiced by Tami Holbrook in the pilot, instead of E.G. Daily.

    • 1. Tommy, Phil, Lil, Spike, Grandpa, Stu and Didi are featured in this pilot. The voices are the same as the TV series, except that Tami Holbrook was the voice of Tommy -- E.G. Daily would not come on board until the series starts. Also, Grandpa's character was named as "Stu Pickles, Sr.", though he'll later be called "Grandpa", and later, "Grandpa Lou". Conversely, Stu was listed as "Stu Pickles, Jr." 2. In the pilot, Tommy wears an orange shirt. He won't begin to wear his trademark blue shirt until Barbecue Story. 3. Peter Chung also animated and directed the Rugrats introduction you see at the start of every show (the one used for all episodes produced through 2000). But most of all, he went on to create the futuristic anti-heroine, Aeon Flux, for MTV. 4. In the pilot, Stu, talking to his dinner guests, mentions that it would be a couple of months until Tommy starts talking. Of course, since the series started, he never talked to the grown-ups. 5. A segment from this pilot was actually used in a station-ID for Nick (still seen to this day): using the TV scene, the Nick logo pops up on the TV screen as Tommy turns on the TV. 6. Apart from the false TV Guide listing in the 8/10/1991 edition (as well as many newspaper TV listings), there were actually plans to televise this episode in another format. In 1992, Klasky-Csupo had plans to expand this episode to the standard 11 minutes and place it in normal rotation on Nick in 1993. However, due to unknown reasons, this episode never made it to TV. For more details, click here. 7. Apart from exhibitions at animation festivals and conventions, this episode was never seen by the public until August 2001, when it appeared on volume 1 of the Decade In Diapers video, which was released as part of Rugrats' 10th anniversary on Nick. 8. Tommy's famous Star Ball was also seen for the first time in this series. According to "Helvetica Gold", the Star Ball was originally designed by Pixar (the Toy Story people) for their short, Luxo, Jr.. The ball also appeared in Toy Story in a scene where Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen) bounces off of it after leaping from a bedpost. 9. It should also be noted that in the pilot and Tommy's First Birthday, the ball makes a jingley sound when rolled, but in all other appearances, including its next appearance in Barbecue Story, the ball is silent.

    • Stu & Didi's address is revealed on the recipt for the puppet -- 1258 N. Highland. For 11 years (1988 to Summer 1999), this was the address of Klasky-Csupo.

    • The Rugrats theme is based on a song Mark Mothersbaugh 1988 Japanese album, Music For Insomniacs Volume II.

    • OPENING TITLE CARD: Every episode of this show, not only the episode "Hair!", has TWO small hidden subliminal smiley faces in the opening title card. One as the title card opens and another right before the title card closes. You can see these if you play the title card in slow motion or pause it at the right exact moment. Also the flashing background behind the title card switches from shapes to patterns to camels to cats to stick human figures. You can see these clearer if you pause each scene at the exact moment.

    • A title card was later added for syndication.

    • The title card and intro music is much shorter than usual; about 1/3 the normal time.

    • Steve Viksen is also not only a story editor and writer for Hey Arnold!, he's also the voice of Oskar, the lazy, Russian boarding house tenant on that series.

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    Trivia (305)

    • Tommy is wearing an orange shirt, he won't wear this again in the series.

    • When Tommy turns on the TV the Nickelodeon logo is visible in the corner of all channels he views.

    • Goof: There are a lot of extra shelves, and bookcases in the Pickle's kitchen, that aren't there for the rest of the series.

    • Goof: When Angelica grabs Tommy and Chuckie to take the picture her arms are extra long.

    • Goof: Towards the end of the episode right after the babies eat the dog food you see Lil lick her lips, while Phil and the rest of the babies spit it out. Yet in the following scene Phil says the dog food tasted good, while Lil and the rest of the babies didn't like it.

    • Behind Boris and Minka in the doorway is a green solid thing, not grass because it fills the whole space up!

    • Goof: When Didi opens the door for Boris and Minka, we see her right hand raised, frozen waving. Her left hand rubs the area below her chin and is easily twice as small as the right hand!

    • Goof: When the Rugrats were acting like dogs Angelica was in a suit but when they were acting like dogs Angelica was in her normal clothes

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    Allusions (123)

    • 2001: A Space Odyssey: When Didi and Stu are trying to feed Tommy, and they are pretending that the spoon is a space shuttle, Didi says, "Open the pod bay doors Tommy." This is a line taken from the science fiction classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    • The movie, The Dummi Bears in the Land Without Smiles, is a parody of the very first Care Bears feature entitled The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings.

    • The Dummi Bears are most likely a parody of either Gummi Bears or Care Bears.

    • Reptar is the Godzilla of the Rugrats world.

    • when bucky hits the ball and the yarn comes out of it,it is a reference to the movie Angels In The Outfield.

    • Plot: The Ransom Of Red Chief Ruthless Tommy shares almost the exact same plot line as the famous short story The Ransom Of Red Chief

    • Title: Ruthless Tommy Reference to the 1986 film Ruthless People.

    • Grandpa: All Quiet on the Western Front.
      All Quiet on the Western Front is the name of a famous novel written by Erich Maria Remarque regarding World War I.

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