Run, Buddy, Run

Steam Bath & Chicken Little

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 9/12/66
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  • Episode Description
  • Syndicate boss Mr. Devere, along with Wendell, Norton and Joseph, pull up in a long, black car and go to a Turkish-bath steam room (the same kind Frank Nitti went to in the "Untouchables" episode # 102, "The Speculator" Jan. 1963). Mr. Devere says, "This was an excellent choice, Norton, now we can relax and we can conduct our business in complete privacy." Unbeknownst to them, Buddy Overstreet is also in the steam room; when he hears them discuss murder, Buddy hides behind some towels, it's very foggy in the steam room. Mr. Devere tells Joseph he will have to rub out McGregor. When Joseph says, "But he's like a brother to me," Devere reminds him, "He IS your brother." (laugh track) Devere insists McGregor is the only one alive who can link the 4 of them together-- that would be the end of the Syndicate; and McGregor had mentioned "Chicken Little." Devere impresses on them that "What has been said here today must remain a secret between the 4 of us: you, you, you, me..." (points to Buddy) "and him. HIM?!" Devere does a double-take. Buddy, wearing only a towel (and leaving his wallet with his driver's license and a photo), runs out amid a hail of bullets. (Yes, the gangsters take their guns with them everywhere.) Buddy runs until he gets to the Midwest. He gets a job at a filling station; from a sign that mentions horsepower, he adopts the alias Horace Powers. (Buddy is constantly looking out for long, black cars-- in this series, that always means gangsters.) But Mr. Devere has associates all over the country, he soon learns Buddy has been spotted in Rockford, Illinois. This is a high-tech Organization, Mr. Devere gets on closed-circuit television, and announces to all his boys across the country: "Remember-- Buddy Overstreet is wanted dead, or dead!" "Wendell!" Mr. Devere snaps, "I want you in charge of this operation." And so Wendell, driving a long, black car, and accompanied by a gangster, happens (by sheer coincidence) to pull into the gas station where Buddy is working. This is a hilarious scene as Buddy puts water in the radiator (while covering his face with the hood of the car), and cleans the windshield (while keeping his face hidden with the washcloth), the whole time Wendell is asking, "Where did he go? Where did he go?" And so Wendell didn't find Buddy Overstreet, who was pumping gas in his car! Later, Mr. Devere shows up. Now Devere and Wendell are riding in Devere's chauffeur-driven limousine. Devere says, "I'm very disappointed in you, Wendell." To which Wendell can only say, "I guess this means I'm not going to be part of the executive training program." Devere says dryly, "That's all. Good-bye, Wendell." The car is doing about 50 mph, so Wendell meekly protests, "But, Mr. D." However, Devere repeats, "Good-bye, Wendell." And so Wendell has to go out the door-- of the speeding car! (a running gag in this series; of course, the car is really stationary and only has the illusion of speed because of the rear-screen projection of a moving background.) Buddy's brother, Albert, drives to meet him because he knows Buddy is in trouble. Unfortunately, a couple of Devere's hoods (driving a long, black car) follow Albert. Buddy runs away on foot-- and accidentally runs up a ramp and onto a rodeo truck that has a sign "cow punchers wanted." And Buddy kept running until the next episode (and the next, and the next). (synopsis by: kdh) [Bruce Gordon (Devere) played Frank Nitti, and Nicholas Georgiade (Wendell) played Enrico Rossi in the TV series "The Untouchables." They were on opposite sides of the law; it's funny to see them working together in this series.] [the Pilot episode was in color; all the other episodes were in black-and-white -- this was 1966, ya know.]moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jack Sheldon

    Buddy Overstreet

  • Bruce Gordon

    Mr. Devere, a.k.a. "Mr. D."

  • Jim Connell


  • Gregg Palmer


  • Nicholas Georgiade

    Wendell Krimm

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