Run's House

Tapper's Delight

Season 6, Ep 5, Aired 6/29/09
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  • Episode Description
  • When Diggy can't get his parents to buy him a mini-fridge he goes to his sisters. Russy gets tap-dancing lessons. Justine wants to baby-proof the house and Run thinks he and JoJo are up for the task.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joseph Simmons

    Rev Run - Himself

  • Justine Simmons


  • Vanessa Simmons


  • Angela Simmons


  • JoJo Simmons


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • Rev Run: (singing and dancing) I wanna get through to you. Justine: Joey, you are going to hurt your back! Rev Run: No, you can come and hurt my back.

    • Rev Run: You got a screwdriver right here. Will this work? JoJo: I'm not screwing anything in here. Rev Run: What does it say. Read it to me. JoJo: I'm not using a screwdr... Rev Run: Read the first paragraph of the thing. JoJo: Position latch so it engages catch piece on the door... This is like British to me... Rev Run: Keep going. JoJo: ...I don't even understand this thing.

    • Vanessa: When you are in your grade, school really is not that hard. Honestly, all you have to do is do your work. Diggy: But that's not even it! I'm always coming down here for a drink or a snack and I think that might be it, why I cannot be focused. Angela: If you take your drink upstairs and a snack... Diggy: Well, I'm coming down here again and I... Angela: What is this, your second time down here? Diggy: The third. Angela: What are you, inhaling the food?

    • Rev Run: Let me ask you a question. What's a toilet lock? Come on. James: Basically, it keeps your child from getting into the toilet, so she can't drown in it. Rev Run: So if I gotta go to the bathroom and I'm running in the house, and I don't have the key to the lock, I'm like... James: As long as you have your two hands you are good to go.

    • Justine: How's your grades, Dan? Diggy: Can I have a mini fridge? Justine: How are you going to ask for a mini fridge when I'm asking about your grades? Diggy: Can I have a mini fridge, then I tell you? Justine: No, I want to know.

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    Trivia (1)

    • Diggy seems to have gotten the idea of a mini fridge from Russy. It was Russy the one asking for a mini fridge (on a prayer note no less), back in episode Pass The Fame last season.

    Allusions (1)

    • Bob the Builder JoJo tells Run he is not Bob The Builder while trying to do the baby-proofing DIY project. Bob The Builder is an educational animated series from PBS Kids where Bob, the main character works as a constructor and solves problems with the help of his friends, most of them construction machines.

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