Run's House

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Quotes (96)

  • Rev Run: How much did ya'll think I was gonna pay for this now? Keep it funky!

  • Rev Run: Cristof Pierr, that name alone sounds expensive.

  • Justine: And the girls told me what you said to them. Rev Run: Ah, please God, no. Some real reverendly type stuff. Justine: Yeah, but you wasn't even a reverend then. Rev Run: Everybody is a reverend when they're talking to their daughters about sex.

  • Justine: Do you like paté? (Paté is pronounced pat-tay.) Rev Run: I like beef paté. Justine: You do? Rev Run: You know what I mean? Like a beef pat-tay on a bun.

  • Angela: You know what Grandpop said to us one day? (imitates her grandfather's voice) All y'all do is sit in them room and talk in them iPods.

  • (Rev run tries to bribe Russy) Rev Run: We can have fries for... Breakfast!.. We can have fries for... Lunch!.. We can have fries for dinner! What do you say? Russy: I want to invite friends over...

  • Rev Run: He's a doctor he's a doctor he's doctor he ain't thinkin nothin. (says repeatedly fast)

  • JoJo: He called you a scaredy-cat earlier. Rev Run: You called me a scaredy-cat? Russy: No. That's what I was thinking of doing but I didn't want to do it.

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Notes (23)

  • The opening credits in this episode list Russy as RUSSELL JR. All other episodes list him as RUSSELL II.

  • Many TV Guides list this episode as The Birds and the Bees.

  • On many TV guides, the title for this episode appears as Chicks Fly The Coop.

  • Some TV Guides list this episode as Go for the Gold and others list it as Simmons' Olympics.

  • The scene where JoJo, Diggy and Russy are having fun with various outdoor activities, features the song Boom Ditty from Rev Run's album Distortion. The song was replaced on the DVD release.

  • After season 1 aired, Vanessa, Angela and JoJo expressed concerns to Run and Justine about how the public was not seeing the other half of their lives, especially because their mother Valerie wasn't getting the credit she deserved for her contribution and influence in raising them. Run and Justine understood their kids' shared concern and arranged for Valerie and her family to appear on the show. This is the first episode where we get to see Valerie, and she has appeared in a few episodes since then.

  • First episode to feature Daniel Simmons, Rev Run's oldest brother.

  • First appearance for JoJo's friend Zach.

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Trivia (16)

  • When Rev Run asked Russell and Kimora for advice about whether or not he should let Vanessa go to the photo shoot, Russell managed to talk through the whole scene without cursing.

  • Goof When JoJo is at the pizza place with his friends, telling them about the bet his dad made with him, you see when the waitresses bring 2 large pizzas. Literally seconds into JoJo's conversation, the pizzas turn one totally eaten and the other one with one quarter already gone.

  • When JoJo warns Diggy to admit he was embarrassed by getting picked up in the Phantom, because something was going to happen, it kind of implies that at least one of Diggy's older siblings went through a similar experienced and Run pulled a similar stunt to cause real embarrassment back then as well.

  • One of the items Russy was selling in his garage sale was a monkey head in its retail box. Nothing was said in this episode, but in the Family Confidential material for season 2, it was mentioned that JoJo got that monkey head for Christmas when he asked for a real monkey. He found that monkey head so scary that he never opened it.

  • Editing Goof: When Justine is looking for her missing laptop, Russy hears her and runs to his room to hide the laptop in a drawer. You can see that the green bird puppet already has the hole cut where the camcorder is hidden, but the scene where Run cuts the hole in the puppet and gets the camcorder inside of it doesn't come until later in the episode.

  • Russy goes shopping for clothes because he gets grass stains on his clothes.  Instead, he buys a Nintendo Wii.  When Angela trys to talk him out of it she says "so you really want to spend Daddy's money on that!" Her voice cracks!

  • Justine is a little rusty on her Spanish. When Run calls Russy El Chico Magnífico (The Magnificent Boy), she quickly replies "No, I'm his chick" as if Run was talking about chicks.

  • JoJo says he doesn't like the J5 dance. Ironically, Team Blackout now has a song and a music video: J5 On 'Em.

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Allusions (8)

  • Show Title: Run's House is the title of a song from Run-DMC's album Tougher Than Leather, released in 1988. A portion of the song is used for the opening credits of the show as it airs on TV. The song is usually omitted or replaced on MTV's online episode broadcasts, and it's only heard during the main menu on the DVD releases.

  • Geico Rev Run: I've got crazy news! Justine: Why didn't you tell me when I was there?! Rev Run: I saved 500 bucks on my car insurance! This was a reference to an ad campaign for Geico where people frequently said they had great news, and it always turned out the news were how much they saved on car insurance.

  • The Olsen Twins JoJo calls his sisters the black Olsen Twins. The Olsen Twins are sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, actresses and entrepreneurs who first became famous for their shared role as Michelle Tanner in the sitcom Full House.

  • The title of this episode is similar to the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock.

  • Title Mind On the Road is the title of a song in Rev Run's album Distortion.

  • Episode Title Mole Beauty, Mole Problems is a play on the song Mo Money, Mo Problems by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Mase and Puff Daddy.

  • Macarena Reggie says "We don't want to do the Macarena on stage." La Macarena is a song by Spanish duo Los Del Rio. The song and the dance created around it were very popular in Western Europe, North America and Latin America during the mid 90's.

  • Bob the Builder JoJo tells Run he is not Bob The Builder while trying to do the baby-proofing DIY project. Bob The Builder is an educational animated series from PBS Kids where Bob, the main character works as a constructor and solves problems with the help of his friends, most of them construction machines.