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  • Offering a new twist on reality programming, Drag Race provides a platform for America's finest drag queens both new and established, to show off their talent to the world and find America's next top Drag Queen! Hosted by RuPaul, the drag queen contestants compete in weekly challenges such as photo shoots, comedy performances and stomping the runway in the hopes of avoiding the bottom two; where they will have to Lip-sync. For. Their. LIFE!moreless

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  • S 7 : Ep 14

    Grand Finale

    Aired 6/1/15

  • S 7 : Ep 13

    Countdown to the Crown

    Aired 5/25/15

  • S 7 : Ep 12

    And the Rest Is a Drag

    Aired 5/18/15

  • S 7 : Ep 11

    Hello, Kitty Girls!

    Aired 5/11/15

  • S 7 : Ep 10

    Prancing Queens

    Aired 5/4/15

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    • RuPaul: What are the judges not seeing on the main stage that we need to know? Tatiana?
      Tatiana: Um, I don't think that you're seeing that Tyra is a complete bitch.
      Mathu: That was frank.
      Tatiana: Thank you.

    • Merle: It's kind of like this fluffy, girly, flirty dress but she's still packing a whallop somewhere.
      Raven: It's under the skirt.

    • JuJu: How does everybody feel about, um, marriage? Who's getting married, who's not?
      Raven: I'm not getting married.
      JuJu: Why?
      Raven: Cause I'm a bitter bitch.
      JuJu: Well, with that attitude, girl...

    • Delta: I didn't think that Phoenix was threatened by her, Phoenix hasn't mentioned that. And I don't know what she could possibly be threatened by. Her name is Mimi Imfurst, but she's not first and I don't even think she's second. I don't think anyone's placing any bets on her.

    • Raja: Delta and I are very psychically connected, or at least I hope we are because Delta knows a lot about me. Delta knows how many cab drivers I slept with, Delta knows all kinds of shit.

    • RuPaul: Mimi Imfurst, drag is not a contact sport.

    • Carmen: I'm in the bottom and I'm a little surprised. I'm not a mediocre bitch.

    • Raja: Oh, my God! Johnny Weir!

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    Notes (2)

    • You might notice that Mimi Imfurst has on a different wig during the final lip synch than she did for the runway challenge. That's because she and Shangela got into an argument during the deliberations and Shangela threw a drink on Mimi's wig. This altercation can been seen on the episode of Untucked that followed.

    • It was revealed at the reunion show what rule Willam broke; when he left for Los Angeles to film the show, he told his husband that he was traveling out of country to do a movie. Not believing him, Willam's husband followed him and was visiting him in the hotel the cast was staying at.

    Trivia (86)

    • Lip-synch For Your Life Song:  Supermodel by RuPaul.

    • Nina Flowers won the challenge, making a couture outfit utilizing items from the 99 Cent Store.  Porkchop and Akashia were in the bottom two; Porkchop was sent home.

    • In this episode, Akashia took a tumble while modeling her own drag creation in front of the judges.  She is the only queen in Drag Race "herstory" to fall on the runway.

    • Jade and Rebecca Glasscock were in the bottom two.  Their Lip-Sync for You Life was infamous for Rebecca choking Jade and causing her wig to go askew.  In the end, Jade was sent home.

    • Bebe and Angina were in the bottom two.  After taking a longer time to decide than ever before, RuPaul chose to keep Bebe.

    • The main stage challenge was for the contestants to turn strong women into their drag daughters.  Rebecca Glasscock was named the winner.

    • Nina Flowers was voted Miss Congeniality by the fans of the show.

    • The mini-challenge was a Christmas themed photo-shoot on a trampoline. Raja won.

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    Allusions (81)

    • RuPaul: Shake the dice and steal the rice!

      RuPaul's introduction of Santino Rice is a line from the 1990 cult movie Paris Is Burning.

    • RuPaul:  Say it again with me...charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.  Again, Tina!

      RuPaul matches the intensity Faye Dunaway had in the 1981 movie Mommie Dearest.

    • RuPaul: Ver-sayce?  Mmm...

      RuPaul mangles the pronunciation of Versace just like Nomi Malone did in the 1995 movie Showgirls.

    • RuPal: Tighten your tucking panties, it's going to be a bumpy night.

      This is a reference to the classic Bette Davis movie All About Eve, where her character says, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night."

    • RuPaul:  The first time I saw you I thought you could walk away with this competition.  You know why?  Cause you're a winner, baby.

      This is a line from the 1975 movie Mahogany, starring RuPaul's idol Diana Ross.

    • RuPaul: Bebe...Miss Raspberry Benet.

      This is a take on Prince's song "Raspberry Beret".

    • RuPaul: Yes, something to wash down the fava beans.

      Channel's tongue noises prompts RuPaul to reference a famous line from 1991's Silence Of The Lambs.

    • RuPaul: Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

      This is a famous line from a 1970's commercial for Calgon detergent.

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  • whats next?

    By DominiqueFord2, Aug 07, 2012

  • Fun show about aspiring entertainers.

    By Lokar, Mar 24, 2009

  • This is top model on crack

    By Topaz101, Feb 10, 2010

  • Fun, fun, fun...

    By atabeira555, Mar 01, 2009