Saber Marionette J

PHASE 24: The Girls beyond the Rainbow

Season 3, Ep 24, Aired 2/18/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Otaru, fist and its Saberdolls circle the part of the Neo Mesopotamia that already is exposed, with a Gleiter. Laugh finds out that the spaceship stands at a geological critical place. If it starts, it can use the plasma energy stored there as a drive, will give for that it however heavy earthquakes. A reason more to delay Dr. Hess. Interior Dr. Hess with its work begins would glue at. This is decided firmly to get through the thing. There Bloodberry emerge and Cherry in the spaceship. They want would glue divert unconditionally therefrom because they are convinced, that Dr. Hess wants it reinlegen. But glued can be delayed no longer. A person wants to become you and wants to marry Otaru. And that, it means, should want Cherry and Bloodberry also. Cherry to be sure is satisfied with its machines body. And also Bloodberry means, would have had when puppets it yet all these wonderful experiences and adventure. But nothing therefrom convinces would glue. For why would otherwise Otaru have left it? What are they actual? Machines with a human soul. In this form does not want would glue more long live. Dr. Hess transmitted all the per video, and Otaru so has it mitangeh√∂rt. It is shake and tried with all means to penetrate into the Neo Mesopotamia. Fist supports it at the same time. Yet it comes too late. Dr. Hess got himself the data that he wanted, in the mean time. The three puppets interest it therewith actually no longer. He lets free makes himself Otaru it, and on the way in order to destroy the earth. That has been its plan for 400 years. It did not forgive became it the humanity that it separated by its family for always and put back star on an ode and forgot became. In the quite dramatic rescue operation, Otaru is injured. Then the Neo Mesopotamia bursts itself out of the mountain and begins with the start. It comes to the expected heavy earthquakes in Shian and Japoness. As a smaller next to effect, Yan min is gotten out at the same time by the way out of the prison. He usefully should make himself in the rescue of the persons. To try conclude Otaru and its girls, to delay Dr. Hess. In last second, the three puppets create it on board after they promised to return again.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mona Marshall

    Otaru (season 2)

  • Venus Terzo

    Tiger (season 1), Kanny, Adali (season 4)

  • Brad Swaile

    Otaru Mamiya (season 1)

  • Maggie Blue O'Hara

    Lime (season 1, 4)

  • Scott McNeil


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