Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

ABC (ended 2003)
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  • When Sabrina Spellman is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, on her 16th birthday, that she is a witch, she is hesitant to believe them. Having been sent to live with them in Massachusetts by her warlock father and mortal mother, Sabrina learns the tricks of magic in order to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft. Now entering adulthood, Sabrina begins a career in journalism with her first paying job at "Scorch", an alternative music magazine that focuses on everything and anything "cutting edge". After 7 seasons, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ended, but remains a popular show among fans.moreless

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  • S 7 : Ep 22

    Soul Mates (2)

    Aired 4/24/03

  • S 7 : Ep 21

    What a Witch Wants (1)

    Aired 4/24/03

  • S 7 : Ep 20

    A Fish Tale

    Aired 4/17/03

  • S 7 : Ep 19

    You Slay Me

    Aired 3/27/03

  • S 7 : Ep 18

    Spellmanian Slip

    Aired 3/20/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Melissa Joan Hart

    Sabrina J. Spellman

  • Martin Mull

    Willard Kraft (Seasons 2- 4)

  • Nate Richert

    Harvey Kinkle (Seasons 1-4, 6-7, recurring season 5

  • Beth Broderick

    Zelda Spellman (Seasons 1-6)

  • Caroline Rhea

    Hilda Spellman (Seasons 1-6)

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  • Quotes (1471)

    • Sabrina: Did something strange happen last night? Zelda: No... Hilda: What's wrong? Why do you ask? Sabrina: It's just so weird... Did someone rearrange my furniture while I was sleeping? Zelda: What? Sabrina: My bed moved. At least three feet. Zelda: Well, maybe we had an earthquake...

    • Zelda: Wait 'til Sabrina finds out what doors this will open for her. Hilda: Wait 'til she finds out you still get zits at 600 years old.

    • Libby: You did something to me, you sent me somewhere. It was small and it smelled like Hawaii.

    • Mr. Pool: I’m Mr. Pool. And I know you were hoping I was going to spend the day mispronouncing your names but instead let's jump straight into biology huh?

    • Jenny: Knock, knock. Sabrina: Who's there? Jenny: Brad. Sabrina: Brad who? Jenny: Brad Pitt. Is there any other Brad worth mentioning?

    • Sabrina: I hate being a witch! I just turned the most popular girl in school into a pineapple! Hilda: Why? Sabrina: Because it's the only thing you taught me how to do! Hilda: Chill. I can fix this. (grabs the butcher knife) Chunks or rings? Zelda: Hilda... there are other ways. Hilda: Wedges?

    • Zelda: Here is a present from your father. (places the magic book on the table in front of Sabrina) Sabrina: An old book, a black pot... Doesn't anyone shop at The Gap anymore? (reads title) "The Discovery of Magic". Why'd he give me this? (opens book up to the page with Edward Spellman's photo) Oh, that's why. This old magician looks just like my dad. Edward's Photo: Surprise! (Sabrina is taken aback) It is your dad! Happy birthday, Sabrina. Sabrina: Wow! Hallmark has gotten really high-tech. Can he say anything else? Edward's Photo: I'm not a hologram, honey. I'm just in a different realm. Sabrina: A different realm? I thought you were at the Toronto Midway Motor Lodge. Edward's Photo (to the aunts): Zelda! Hilda! Didn't you explain to her she's a witch? Hilda: She doesn't believe us! Sabrina (closes the book): Not this again. Look, I know you went to a lot of trouble to set this joke up, so, ha ha ha, now it's over. Hilda: No. It's just beginning. You are a witch. Zelda: With real magical powers. And now that you're 16, you can use them. And you wanted something from The Gap... Sabrina: So what are you saying? I'm not who I think I am? You're not who I think you are? And my father lives in a book? Hilda (to Zelda): Finally, she gets it. Sabrina: This is insane. (gets up) I'm going to my room. Come on, Salem. Salem (before Sabrina leaves the room): Can you wait till I finish my milk? Sabrina (walks back in): Did the cat just talk? Salem: Yes. And get this stupid hat off my head! Sabrina (freaked out): Oh my god! (runs out of the room) Zelda (after an awkward pause): I think we better let her father handle this. Ted? (the book floats up)

    • Edward (to Sabrina about her mortal mother): You see, there's a rule. If you set eyes on your mother in the next 2 years, she'll turn into a ball of wax. Sabrina (puzzled): What? Edward: It's the way they discourage mortal-witch marriages. Sabrina: So is that the reason you and Mom got divorced? Edward: Mmm... no. Sabrina: So, do you think maybe you could get back together? Edward: Mmm... no. That's another ship that's sailed.

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    Notes (322)

    • Differences between the movie and the TV show: 1. In the film, Sabrina's last name is Sawyer, not Spellman as in the TV show. 2. In the film, Sabrina lives in Riverdale (same as Archie Andrews in the comics) and in the TV show she lives in Westbridge. 3. In the TV show she uses her finger to cast spells, but in the film, she just needs the power of her mind. 4. In the film, both her parents are witches, while in the TV show her father is a warlock and her mother is mortal. 5. In the film, Katie takes the part as the antagonist, while in the show it is Libby. 6. In the film, Hilda is the responsible aunt and Zelda is nutsy one, while in the show, it's the other way around.

    • While the Showtime movie was certaintly a pilot for the series, it's not really part of it. It has too many differences, such as different cast members, different takes on Sabrina's first day as a witch, different settings, etc.

    • This movie first reran on the wonderful world of Disney on Sunday night on ABC.

    • In the original 1996 movie, which led up to the series, Melissa Joan Hart is the only character who appears in both, playing the same character. Michelle Beaudoin, who plays Jenny in the series, plays Marnie in the movie. The aunts, played by different people in the movie than in the series, are more true to their Archie comic book roots: Hilda is the more stable, serious aunt and Zelda is the wacky aunt. Even Salem isn't voiced by the same person. The Spellmans live in Riverdale, not Westbridge. And Sabrina's parents are traveling on sabbatical (Sri Lanka is one of the places they visit), instead of being divorced.

    • There are two endings to this episode. In the first one Salem tells Sabrina how to use magic to get a glass of milk and in the second one Salem tries to tell the audience that they are under his control, but leaves when he hears a can opener. "Please be tuna." "Please be tuna."

    • There are different people playing the roles of Harvey, Zelda, and Hilda in the TV series. Marnie has a new name, but remains Sabrina's best friend.

    • Director Robby Benson has a literal "cameo" role as the talking photograph of Sabrina's father Edward.

    • Although his character is not named, this episode features the first appearance of Curtis Andersen as Gordie.

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    Trivia (336)

    • When Katie is sitting in her red car, being informed about the pin the tail on the donkey game at Sabrina's party, as she pulls out of her parking space, a reflection of a crew-member in the side of her car can be seen.

    • When witches make something appear, if the camera is close enough and not moving, when the object appears, the camera has slightly moved as if the filming was stopped, the item placed, and the filming started again.

    • Sabrina learns that she's half-mortal, because her father is a witch and her mother is mortal, which explains why her powers didn't develop until she turned 16. However, her father and two aunts are full witches, which probably means that they have had their powers since birth. This tells us that, in this show, their magic powers are genetic.

    • The fourth outfit in the credits for this episode is a witch's outfit, complete with costume hat (which she will wear in "A Halloween Story"). Her comment is "This is so not me."

    • In her magic book, Sabrina's father tells her she can't meet her mother and if she does Diana will turn into a ball of wax. It was a way to discourage witches from marrying mortals. When he tells her that he said she couldn't see her in the next two years but her mother still turned into wax when Sabrina saw her years later, when she was in college.

    • When Sabrina uses her powers to turn Libby's drink over, the string used can easily be seen.

    • The fourth outfit for this show's credits is a "mod" red dress and outfit with a purse made out of a stuffed cat. Sabrina says, "As if!"

    • At the end of this episode, Sabrina places all of the bunnies that she has zapped to the Spellman house, back into the top hat that they came out of. Their names were: Trisha, Samantha, Brian, Bernadette and Chloe. Interestingly. Trisha, Samantha, and Brian are all family members of Melissa Joan Hart; Bernadette and Chloe may be as well.

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    Allusions (208)

    • The bundt cake is a dessert cooked in a bundt pan originating from the German word gugelhupf meaning a ring shaped cake and can be a recipe for 'bundt kuchen'. National bundt pan day is November 15. Sabrina and her classmates make this cake in this episode.

    • Mrs. Bozigian: Did you know that President Nixon's favorite cake was the bundt? Oh, he'd eat it in secret and then deny it, but if you listen carefully to those tapes... This is a reference to the incriminating recordings of former President Richard Nixon's discussions in the Oval Office during the Watergate scandal and at other times. One of the tapes has a mysterious 18 minutes of silence where Nixon's secretary claimed to have "accidentally" erased it.

    • Libby: CeeCee kisses her Pete Sampras poster every night. Pete Sampras is a former world champion tennis play who was known for having a rivalry with Andre Agassi.

    • When Sabrina accidentally turns Rudy into an adult, she mentions a radioactive spider as something to blame it on. This is how Spiderman acquired his powers.

    • When the class Presidential results are announced and Jenny is declared the winner, the way she holds up the newspaper declaring Libby the winner is an allusion to when Harry S. Truman held up a newspaper after his victory in the 1948 Presidental election over Thomas E. Dewey. The newspaper's prematurely-written headline was "Dewey Defeats Truman."

    • Football Announcer: Oh, the humanity! The same thing was said by a radio announcer when the Hindenburg blimp caught fire and crashed.

    • Title: A Halloween Story. This is a reference to the cult classic 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, starring Peter Billingsley as Ralphie.

    • Title: "Dream Date" is the name of a famous Barbie-themed board game from the 1960s.

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