Saint Tail

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    Well there is no storyline what so ever because it skipped over. It maybe in the manga but we all don't know what's the story is.

    By Negemite, Apr 13, 2010

    Saint Tail is a terrible anime based off a terrible manga released earlier. This anime has no real story because there lazy to write their own story. It's was past it's era the drawings where leftovers from an seventy's anime well this anime doesn't desirve mercy at all.


    +Plenty Of Episodes


    -No Storyline

    -Awful Music

    -Awful Artwork

    -Terrible Voices

    -No Humor

    Stay far away from this anime if you seen it neither burn it or do whatever. This anime is maybe the worst anime of all time ever worst than some over anime. This game got into the U.S. and it's even worst and it's rare too and that's a good thing as well.moreless

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