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    I loved this show and all of the characters

    By maxhacks92, Jan 08, 2014

    I laughed each episode. And cried on the last. Knowing it was a goodbye. I'd like to think Samantha get's a happy ending. Because someone that good and kind deserves one.

    This show was a gem. One that deserved another season. Goodbye, Samantha

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    By joeydak1111, Jan 22, 2013


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    The Best EVER

    By LissetteNuno, Aug 16, 2012

    there has to be more seasons, you cant just leave it off where todd and sam gets engaged!!!! That would be rediculous.

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    great comedy that only keeps getting better!

    By mrsquinto, Jun 11, 2012

    Samantha Who is one of the few shows on air right now that provides us with very witty and rare kind of humor. In the beginning, this show's lack of laugh-track made me wonder whether that was a right choice for an obvious comedy sitcom. I quickly thanked the creators for choosing not to use it, a move which pays off to almost every other comedy show – like The Office – where the writing and the jokes fight for themselves, this also makes these shows more funny altogether. This is a very enjoyable show and Christina Applegate's performance is one of the strongest features of it, as well as the rest of the cast which are great – especially Jean Smart who plays Samantha's mother. All in all it's really fun show and worthy keeping it on the air, I'm tuning in to see if it get's renewed for 3rd season!moreless

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    By 1Hollywoodfla, Mar 13, 2012

    Samantha Who Is a joke! I created it brainstorming 20 minutes for a class assignment in multimedia journalisam at Broward community collage. ABC has no good ideas. Ps my teacher worked for ABC , they should hire me I have better ideas then that 20 minute fart.

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    This show looks familiar.

    By gideonbernstein, Dec 02, 2010

    Samantha Who? is the story of a terrible human being who gets hit by a car, and as a result of it, realizes what a major jerk she was to everybody around her, so she tries to make it up to everyone she's ever hurt and becomes a much better person from it. Does this comedy remind you of something familiar? It's like "My Name is Earl", only the protagonist is a woman. I saw the pilot, and I think that it is a very good show nevertheless. I am going to see more episodes, and I will find out how it turns out.moreless

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    Samantha Who? is a raucous good time. Touching, witty and unbelievably funny; watch out. This is the new era of comedy.

    By pinkchocolate, Nov 28, 2010

    Christina Applegate is stellar as Samantha Newly. She's funny, sometimes dim-witted and overall a breath of fresh air.

    Samantha is like a newly-hatched duckling coming into life without a clue. She has that advantage of reliving her life. But she's also lost, she's a blank canvas who half the time has no idea. But her search for self-discovery rings so true with the audience that it's hard to not get sucked in. After all, who isn't searching for themselves? Who isn't digging deep down within to find one's "true" self.

    Samantha simply goes through this process in a much different and highly more entertaining way.

    The writing may not be stupendously excellent but the cast certainly makes good use of their material. All the actors have that comedic spark which engulfs the show. The program doesn't define the actors; it's the other way around.

    With the right mix of sarcasm, wit and sometimes pure stupidity, the characters bring situations to their comedic pinnacle so easily that you will find yourself laughing hysterically at the most random things.

    Funny, entertaining and grossly under-estimated, Samantha Who? is definitely worth the watch. If you need a laugh, a sentimental tear or simply to just kick back, this is the show to do it to.

    Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.moreless

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    why do people judge this show before watching it?

    By forever21, Nov 28, 2010

    Samantha Who? is just a really great show! It's light and it's fun and sometimes it makes you yell at the screen because it is that exciting. I don't know why people are judging this show, it really ticks me off when i see that people rate the episodes very low even before they watch it or the episode comes out. Get a life people! if you don't like the show then stop doing that, it's really annoying. Anyways, i think that this show is really special in the fact that you can watch it at any time of the day when you are feeling happy sad etc. It just lightens up my mood especially. Andrea is my favorite character of all and i don't think that it needs an explanation. And come on Todd and Samantha better patch things up! They are meant for each other and i think they know it too.moreless

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    This show is really funny and it shows a life lesson that people should learn. The plot to the whole film was really creative and every episode gets better every day. Even though it is barely a brand new show, I think it will become a huge success.

    By neslic, Nov 28, 2010

    When I first started watching Samantha Who? I like it because of the storyline. The idea of a women getting to know her old bad self and becoming a new self is really interesting. I also liked that it combines a great life lesson for everybody with a bit of comedy. It is one of the best new comedy shows out there. I also loved that it put Cristina Applegate in the open again. It will make her more loved now that she is on Samantha Who? When the writer strike hit TV shows, especially new ones, big I honestly thought it wouldn't survive but I was wrong. I think that this show will go very far and will become a cult hit for new comedy shows.moreless

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