Samurai Jack

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Quotes (120)

  • Aku: Who dares to summon the Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow, Aku?

  • Jack: No matter what form you take, Aku, you will never defeat the side of righteousness.

  • Aku: You might have beaten me now, but I will destroy you in the future.
    Jack: There is no future for you, Aku.
    Aku: I disagree.

  • Rothchild the Talking Dog: Down here, old fellow. I was just wondering if you'd be so kind as to join us, as we were just... Jack: Talking demon dogs!!!! Rothchild: Good heavens! Where?

  • Jack: I have seen Aku implement these atrocities before. But no more - even dogs should not be forced to live like dogs. (the talking dogs glare) Uhmm...

  • Aku: Ha ha ha ha. So fate has arrived. Many years have gone since that day. And now, my formidable foe, you will pay for my pain in the past with your pain in the future.

  • Aku: He is stronger than I remember, but no matter. For you see, little samurai, the world is mine. My eyes and ears are everywhere. Nothing you do will go unseen. Quest as you may, but we will meet again when I see fit, in a time and place of my choosing. And it is I who shall put an end to the war started in that day's long past, Samurai Jack.

  • Jack: I notice your treatment of the Woolies is somewhat... harsh.
    Leader: Not really. It's no different than the way you humans treat--what do you call them? Horses.

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Notes (93)

  • Dan Krall and Scott Wills won the 2003 Annie Award for "Outstanding Production Design in an Animated Television Production" for this episode. James L. Venable won the 2003 Annie Award for "Outstanding Music in an Animated Television Production" for this episode.

  • In Japanese, Aku means evil or demon.

  • First UK showing: 30th November 2001 5pm as TVM version

  • When Cartoon Network repeats the episode outside of the movie format, it features a "Previously" and provides the opening crew credits.

  • First UK showing: 30th November 2001 5pm as TVM version

  • When Cartoon Network airs this in episodic rather then movie format, it features a "Previously" but does not provide the opening crew credits.

  • First UK showing : 30th November 2001 5pm as TVM version

  • This episode aired on the WB as a special "sneak preview" of the series.

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Trivia (71)

  • When the minion brings the whip down, for one frame it disappears and the minion is only holding the handle.

  • Over the time period of Jack training from a kid to a young adult, the era Jack seems to live in varies wildly. He is trained in the periods of ancient Egypt and the colliseum of ancient Rome, but then, he's training with Robin Hood (or someone of the same period-dress), who lived in the Medieval Ages, which wouldn't occur for another 600 years. He is also training with the Russian man in what appears to be the medieval period. And after that, he goes back to what appears to be the ancient times of India.

  • Throughout the entire series there are moments when Jack--who is supposed to be an expert samurai--holds his sword wrong. Samurai are trained to be right-handed through strict discipline. The way you properly hold a sword is with your left hand above your right (your right hand should be toward the bottom with the left closer to the top.) The animators have drawn Jack with his right hand over his left, which is incorrect.

  • When the minion of Aku brings his whip down on the emperor, the whip is already fully extended. But when Jack catches it, it is still behind the minion's head.

  • When Aku first transforms, he slashes Jack across the back. When this happens, Jack is not holding his sword. But in the next frame, there it is!

  • The dogs track ink across Jack's banner, left to right. However, in the next shot, the prints are down to up.

  • When the dogs walk across the banner, they leave their paw prints diagonal, left-right-left. However, when Jack rides out, the three prints are in a straight line.

  • The square within a circle on the war banner has the square tilted diagonally. However, when Jack rides out, in one shot the square is level.

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Allusions (77)

  • Samurai Jack: General Jack has some similarities to the titular hero of Frank Miller's Ronin... 1) They both have a shape-changing demon for an enemy 2) They both travel far and wide training to defeat said enemy 3) They both possess a magical sword that can defeat this enemy 4) Both are moments away from defeating their enemy when they are tricked and end up in the future (or the case of the Ronin, laid dormant until the future)

  • Aku: Name, appearance, abilities and weakness The character of Aku bears some interesting similarities to Agat, the villain in Frank Miller's Ronin... 1) Their names both start with the letter 'A' and have the same number of syllables 2) They both have chevron-like angles protruding from their heads (Although, they point differing directions) 3) They're both shape-changing demons 4) They both can only be defeated by a magical sword

  • Ruined City The city where the talking dogs mine is Townsville, where the Powerpuff Girls live: You can see the ruins of Malph's Grocery Store, Townsville City Hall, and (appropriately enough) a Talking Dog billboard.

  • Big Dog Big Dog from "2 Stupid Dogs" appears in the town.

  • Austin Powers' Theme Song During the opening sequence, the music that is played by the jukebox is a parody of the theme song from the Austin Powers movie series.

  • Amphibian Voices The actors playing the Triceraquins are (as indicated by the credits) doing voice impressions of Alec Guinness, Sean Connery, and Ringo Starr.

  • Amphibian Voices: The voices of the underwater beings, and some of the underwater scenes, allude to the movie Yellow Submarine.

  • The Gods In the last scene, where the Warrior is watching Jack from Valhalla, the others with him are Norse gods and goddess - Odin (the one with the eyepatch, as Odin is often depicted with one eye), Thor (the one with the hammer), and Loki (the sly, green one, befitting as he is a trickster god). The goddess with red armor and golden hair is most likely Sif, the wife of Thor and patron of female warriors, while the one with blue armor and a sword is probably Heimdal, the guardian of Asgard (the home of the gods).

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