Revelations (2)

Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 1/9/09
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  • Episode Description
  • Ashley and Henry are captured by the Cabal after breaking into their weapons factory. While being restrained Ashley learns from Dana Whitcomb that the plan they have for the virus to be released worldwide will still go ahead. In a different part of the facility Henry is being kept strapped to a hospital bed. The Cabal intend to use chemicals to turn him into his abnormal state, and keep him that way.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Peter Wingfield

    Dr. James Watson

  • Robin Dunne

    Dr. Will Zimmerman

  • Emilie Ullerup

    Ashley Magnus

  • Lynda Boyd

    Dana Whitcomb

  • Christine Chatelain

    Clara Griffin

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  • Revelations (2)

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 07, 2011

  • Dr. Magnus and the team finally get through to the location of the source blood but are met with several obstacles. Meanwhile, Ashley and Henry are still being held prisoners by the Cabal.

    By marvelfan89, Jan 11, 2009

  • So far, I love this show!

    By peacejaw, Jan 25, 2009

  • this show is really hard to score, nothing like it has been tried before on a tv budget

    By shirewood, Oct 03, 2009

  • That was great episode..

    By Parricida, Jan 13, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (22)

    • Watson: I don't know, but I've convinced at one thing- if we choose wrongly and you teleport behind the wrong door I'm sure you will find solid rock. Druitt: Well then, best choose carefully... old friend.

    • Will: This place goes on forever. Helen: It's a labyrinth. It's designed to keep valuable secrets from those who would steal them. Tesla: Was that aimed at me? Helen: Yes.

    • Whitcomb: Is that what you think we are? Killers? Murderers? Ashley: That bio-weapon you set off? Not exactly charity work. Whitcomb: In fact, that's exactly what it is. A helping hand to the humans so that they can clearly see the threat to the very survival of our species. Ashley: You're starting a war. Whitcomb: We're controlling our destiny. Ashley: Most of the abnormals out there are peaceful. They aren't a threat. Whitcomb: Every abnormal we don't control is a threat, Ashley, despite your mother's propaganda. How many so-called peaceful abnormals have you destroyed? You know … I like your mother. There was a time I even admired her, but we are fighting for humanity's survival, and she's chosen the wrong side. Are you ready to choose yours?

    • Watson: Sorry, John, are you suggesting that we just give up? Druitt: Oh, don't bait me. I'm not in the mood. Watson: Perhaps if we were looking for some nubile lady of the night for you to slaughter, then you'd suddenly perk up and become incredibly helpful.

    • Doctor: You are a class nine hyper-accelerated protean life form. Fairly rare, as is the control you seem to possess over mutative stress triggers. Henry: No, please. You do not want to make that happen. Doctor: (chuckles) On the contrary, we very much do, although I can understand why you would resist. Henry: (groans) I'm not ashamed of who I am. Doctor: I certainly hope not, because we intend to bring out your alter ego permanently. The knowledge we gain from you will be invaluable. Your kind have been hiding in the shadows for far too long, Mr. Foss. We're going to … bring you out into the light.

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    Notes (1)

    • Original International Air Dates
      Canada : January 9, 2009 on Space
      U.K. : January 5, 2009 on ITV4
      Australia : August 13, 2009 on Sci Fi Australia
      Czech Republic: September 28, 2009 on AXN

    Trivia (1)

    • In the final scene, Ashley teleports in to meet with Whitcomb and deliver the stolen vial of source blood to her. The rendezvous takes place on Easter Island (identified by the famous Moai Statues resting on the hills).

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