Saturday Night Live

Dane Cook/James Blunt

Season 31, Ep 7, Aired 12/3/05
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  • Live from New York, it's... the entire cast of SNL! (more or less) Sketches include "The Tree Re-Lighting," "West Bedford Drama Club," "Taco Town," "The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely Story," "Wool Sweater," "Lettuce" (film), "Target Greatland," "24-Hour Coma," "Fight Back with Victor Santos," and "Morgan Stanley." James Blunt performed "You're Beautiful" and "Goodbye My Lover."

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  • Amy Poehler


  • Andy Samberg


  • Bill Hader


  • Chris Parnell


  • Darrell Hammond


  • Fan Reviews (15)
  • Super Finger, Activate!

    By HelloStuart, Dec 05, 2005

  • Merry "Holiday" wishes from SNL and Dane Cook...

    By JenJen130, Oct 02, 2006

  • Dane Cook and James Blunt were awesome! Cook gave the show a "new funny" outcome. They need to consider hiring Cook to bring the show back! Wiig's new character from Target is hilarious!!!!

    By karastevens, Jul 14, 2006

  • Dane Cook: No Steve Martin

    By thecomedianky, Dec 19, 2005

  • Dane Cook .. what more can I say?! I'm sure that that show got soo much time on EVERYONE and their mom's tvs!! ..all i gotta say now is: SWEATER SKIT!!

    By jaCKaTtacK2185, Dec 08, 2005

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    • Tina Fey: Last week the city of Boston sparked a controversy when it renamed the giant spruce tree in Boston Common a "Holiday Tree" instead of a Christmas tree. Also, the city's Christmas nativity scene will now be referred to as the "Holiday Homeless Family."

    • Tina Fey: A British man has created a device that emits a noise intended to chase away teenagers. It's called jazz records.

    • Michael Irvin: I was chillin', driving my car like I usually do. When a cop came out of nowhere and pulled me over. Now, I'm a rational man, so I thought to myself, "Should I kill him?"

    • Tina Fey: Many of the first people to buy the new XBOX 360 are returning the system because of crashes and glitches and maybe, just maybe a long hard look in the mirror.

    • Amy Poehler: In conjunction with the President's speech, the White House released a 35-page document titled "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq." Wow, 35 pages. Apparently they think that Iraq's problems will be three times easier to resolve than a Nancy Drew mystery.

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    • This episode marks the fifth time in SNL history that a foreign-born artist (the fourth Briton) has made their American network television debut on the show. The others were Kate Bush in 1978, Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1984, The Tragically Hip in 1995, and Ms. Dynamite in 2003.

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal include: A "Carol" sketch (which aired the following week with Alec Baldwin) and a sketch involving Dane Cook as a car rental consultant. A sketch where Dane plays a fitness guru teaching his students to "Walk like an Egyptian" was scheduled to air in the live show but was cut at the last minute due to the show running late. A rerun of the Morgan Stanley commercial from earlier the season was aired to fill time.

    • Sketches/segments not shown in the 60 minute version: the Michael Irvin segment on Weekend Update, James Blunt's performance of 'Goodbye My Lover,' "Fight Back with Victor Ramos," "Daylong Coma," "The Long Ride Home: The Jay McFeeley Story," and "Morgan Stanley."

    • This episode features the longest monologue in SNL history, with Dane Cook performing about 10 minutes of standup comedy from his new album, Retaliation.

    • Maya Rudolph does not appear in this episode, as she was still on materinty leave.

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    • During the "Weekend Update" segment, Tina Fey quotes the lyrics to George Harrison's 1988 hit "I Got My Mind Set On You" for the purpose of a punchline. The lyrics Fey quote are: "To do it, to do it, to do it right."

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