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    They call it Trampolining...

    By whoaitsconner, Feb 02, 2011

    Well, after a week off, we return with host Emma Stone and musical guest Kings of Leon. Hopefully the writers were rejuvenated in that one week break. Emma Stone seem's like a good actress, and I've read that she's really excited to host, so I am hoping it will be good. I'm also excited to see Kings of Leon back too.

    Reid Rally: Seeing Paul Brittain as Harry Reid was interesting, and this was a decent enough cold opening. Doesn't beat the hilarious Gloria Alred opening, but, still.

    Monologue: This was a good idea for a monologue. I loved all the ways they were trying to get her to kiss them, and seeing Taran and Bobby and Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, respectively, was hilarious.

    Baby Spanx: This was a pretty funny commercial, since products are getting this ridiculous to have people become thin (not babies of course).

    Dream Home Extreme: This character appeared about 3 years ago with Brian Williams as the host, but I don't mind seeing it back. Kristen knows how to play this crazy character very well.

    Channel 9 News: This was a great depiction of how ridiculous local news is becoming with all these "investigations" and "follow-ups" of teen "problems" and "trends". The more and more ridiculous teen trends got more, and more hilarious. I loved Emma's facial expressions to the stupidity of the reports.

    I Broke My Arm: This was a hilarious digital short. When Emma came out in the Stephen Hawking-like Wheel Chair, I laughed so hard. It was great.

    The View: I enjoyed Emma's impression of Lindsay Lohan. The sketch was pretty well written, and was better than past View sketches.

    Wrangler Open Fly Jeans: This was a great way to parody Brett Favre's recent misconduct with the NFL. It was a pretty funny commercial.

    Musical Performance: Kings of Leon performs "Radioactive" which was a great performance by a good band.

    Weekend Update: The jokes tonight were good, and Bill as Stefon was alright. Kenan as Jimmy McMillan was really good, and I laughed everytime he said "The Rent is too D*mn High!" It was nice to see John Mulaney's commentary back, also.

    Paris Dancing: Much like the Anne Hathaway sketch back in 2008, this takes on a boy and a girl dancing to a very French song. I liked this sketch a lot just because of the silly nature of the sketch.

    My Brother Knows Everything: This was a good parody featuring Nasim. Both she and Emma were great in this sketch as the annoying sisters. I loved the cut-away to Andy's previously recorded karate video.

    Ed Vincent's Sex Symposium: This was such a raunchy commercial, that it was actually really funny. The motions they cut to him doing were really hilarious, and I thought this was a good way to feature Paul.

    Musical Performance: Kings of Leon performs "Pryo"

    Googie Rene's Partially Damaged Halloween Costumes: This was a weird choice for a return of a recurring character. This aired originally from the Anna Faris episode 2 years ago, and it was not too thrilling to see it again. But, it was okay, I guess.

    The show tonight was a good return. Both the sketches were funny, and Kings of Leon were really good. Emma Stone was a really good host, and I hope to see her host again.

    Next week: Jon Hamm returns to host his 3rd episode, and his 2nd Halloween episode, with musical guest Rihanna.moreless

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    By thefanof, Nov 19, 2010

    Emma Stone is your host tonight. Not exactly a mainstream name, but she's been in a couple of notable films. She did not really succeed in the role of SNL host though. She brought nothing to any sketches she was in and really was at no point funny.

    I cannot even recall anything that I thoroughly enjoyed here. All I know so far is that Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer need to go as they do absolutely nothing and just come off as really awkward in everything they do.

    Kenan as a geek was the most personality he has shown on this show in years though.moreless

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    There were some funny skits, but Emma Stone felt non-existent, while some of the material felt incomplete.

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Nov 17, 2010

    It's difficult for me to review SNL episodes now, mostly because they're so unbelievably inconsistent. It's difficult to figure out whether or not to laud the show for is hilarious moments or chastise it for how inept it is at time. I decided to lean more towards the latter; the guest-stars the show is reeling in are great, but the writing is not. It doesn't take much to write a good skit of SNL, and right now, the writing crew just seems lazy. I liked Emma Stone here, but come on... give her something to work with besides these stupid, half-thought-out characters.

    I'd say Emma's best role here was, unfortunately, her monologue. That says a lot about the characters here. When Emma plays herself and reacts to the "nerds" in the crowd (specifically Taran Killan playing a superb Michael Cera), she's at her best deadpan self. But when you add in the SNL characters, it's pretty lame. She plays a woman unexcited by winning 2 million dollars but excited for getting some hard-boiled eggs, Lindsay Lohan, a nerdy friend of a nerdy girl, a slutty looking assistant to a weird costume-designer and a young teenage student being interviewed by a strange man. All of these characters were under-written and just disappointing all around.

    That's not to say that the cast didn't do a good job with what they were given. I actually sort of liked the Digital Short this week, giving us the kind of song/video that only Andy Sanberg can give us. I also liked the news articles on the various things teenagers do, especially Trampolining.. man, I've never heard of a more disturbing thing here. There were some funny moments, as usual, during the Weekend Update, and I have to say, whenever Bill Hader does Stefon, I die laughing. I don't even care that he breaks character and laughs himself, that just makes the material even funnier. And I can't say enough about the new cast doing a great job with what they're given. The new guy doing the Sex Symposium was hilarious.

    But boy, there is some bad stuff here too. The View skit felt lazy and uninspired, while the cold opens remain as unfunny as ever. The show just needs to figure out a way to make the show flow better. For every good skit, there's a few that they just throw together.

    But I will give much respect to Emma Stone for trying her best, and I still find her funny and entertaining despite being given a disappointing bunch of skits to perform.moreless

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    SNL is now just routine it's not even funny. The cast seems to just show up and expect the comedy to just happen. Armisen as Obama again? Really?! Everything that followed was not funny. Although Kings of Leon rocked.

    By radrobd, Oct 29, 2010

    SNL has fallen into a predictable rut. It happens every now and then where they make passable sketches that aren't really funny, but just fill 90 minutes of airtime. This episode was more filler, less funny. Although I like Emma Stone, she really was underutlized. From the opening sketch (Armisen as Obama again?!, esepcially when Jay Pharaoh is standing right BEHIND him!) to the end, I don't think I laughed once. Kristen's Extreme Home Makeover parody was a complete dud, a composite of Kristen's overused characters. Weekend Updated was not funny, Kenan was predictable as always. Didn't the real Jimmy McMillan speak in rap and rhyme? Was that too hard to parody? Although I find John Mullaney charming. Maybe he can replace Seth Myers at the anchor desk. That dude is past his prime.

    Digital Short was another miss. Seems Sandberg's approach is like cooking spaghetti, throw enough of it against the wall and something's bound to stick. This one didn't.

    The rest of the ep was completely unmemorable and not very entertaining.moreless

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