Melissa McCarthy/Phoenix

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    By thefanof, Apr 07, 2013

    Peter Dinklage is too good an actor to be involved in a scene with Bobby Moynihan.

    I hate Melissa McCarthy, so I have to acknowledge that going in, but this was just horrendous. She is not funny, and has zero range of characters she can play. It is simply relying on her being fat.

    The pizza loan sketch was one of the most painful segments in SNL. How they allowed that to be on TV shows how far SNL has fallen.moreless

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    Peter Drunklage

    By ElRob, Apr 07, 2013

    This episode felt curiously unrehearsed and raw, but still had a few redeeming moments.

    Peter Dinklage's cameo as Drunk Uncle's friend on Weekend Update was the high point for me- pity he wasn't the actual host!

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