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    They're leaving the funny out of funny...

    By RudeRichFromNJ, Dec 09, 2014

    While this show still manages to pull me in to watch it's usually a day or two later now on Hulu. Still a few "okay" spots here and there, but for the most part the show has gone beyond flat! Just one example is Weekend Round Up? Michael Che's smug, angry black-man demeanor and Colin Jost's constantly on verge of laughing out laugh approach is transparent, outdated and insulting. Dump Che (from Weekend Round Up) now and give Jost three more episodes to stop doing Seth Meyers' "I will not laugh out loud, I will not laugh out loud, I will not laugh out loud, giggle fit character".moreless

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    Time For REAL reboot

    By AudioFileZ, Oct 19, 2014

    A few moments such as "Help Fund" and Kristen's Kathy Lee deconstruction glimmered, but it's time for a big change which apparently mean finding a truly funny ensemble, maybe composed of fewer actors/actresses, but fresh and truly gifted comedically. I'm thinking everything from the set to the format, which hasn't changed in, well, hasn't ever changed. Maybe it should be a weekend review of things that speak to many of us. That could be lampooning current events as well as sports, culture, business, and music. Time for a big change, front to back, top to bottom.moreless

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    Hold me Thrill me Kiss me This just killed me

    By brookeburleson50, Oct 19, 2014

    Saturday Night Live we have a Problem and not even NASA can save them. Who the hell are the writers I say we get Queen of Hearts and say Off with their heads. Thumbs are whatever they use to type this with. This is bogus journey see bill and ted minus excellent adventure. To enjoy this show you would have the . mayo left in the sun for 5 days that has hair on it.

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    By daveboutin735, Oct 05, 2014

    What happened to SNL???? I think they forgot how to be funny. All the writers should be fired and they should start from scratch. They used to push the best comedians in the industry but all they do know is make the comedians fail. Get new writers and become funny again

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    Where did the brilliant writers go to?

    By SNL-FAN, Sep 29, 2014

    Can't remember a worse episode than last Saturday's S40E01. The writers (probably new ones) are mistaking vulgarity for wit. The acting talent is there but they are being given spam for lines in trashy skits. Sasheer Zamata is clearly highly talented and is being wasted in small roles. Come on Loren... kick some ass and get the good writers back.

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    Can't view anything

    By wsnelljr5570, Sep 14, 2014

    I can't get on to anything on SNL I'm sick of it...

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    Gets Repetitive

    By Jesslovesadultcartoons, Sep 10, 2014

    I used to enjoy watching SNL but I just got kind of tired of it the fact that most of the sketches are unfunny. And also the fact that the second you start to finally fall in love with an actor, they get rid of them, for new crappy actors.

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    episode numbering is wrong

    By turmoil23, May 18, 2014

    episode numbering is wrong, numbered garfields episode as 20 and its the 19th

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    By seanharrison90260, May 12, 2014

    Each season gets worse than the next. I continue to watch but I don't know why. I FF through most shows without so much as a giggle. Just sad. I don't think the actors are so bad, it's the writers. No vision, no talent. Fire them all. I don't want to give a 1 but I can't choose ZERO.

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    Isn't this show supposed to be LIVE?

    By ohdear1, Apr 14, 2014

    I have religiously watched this show for 25 years. While I am a fan of the digital shorts and cartoons in the past, I have noticed that this season there is an increased amount of pre-taped skits or shorts. Last week they had a great host with Anna Kendrick and they chose to do multiple taped shorts. The show is supposed to be live and I feel they are taking too many liberties with these STUPID shorts. They aren't even funny. Disappointed and I hope they fix this because the charm of this show is the live, unexpected and funny moments.moreless

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