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    episode numbering is wrong

    By turmoil23, May 18, 2014

    episode numbering is wrong, numbered garfields episode as 20 and its the 19th

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    By seanharrison90260, May 12, 2014

    Each season gets worse than the next. I continue to watch but I don't know why. I FF through most shows without so much as a giggle. Just sad. I don't think the actors are so bad, it's the writers. No vision, no talent. Fire them all. I don't want to give a 1 but I can't choose ZERO.

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    Isn't this show supposed to be LIVE?

    By ohdear1, Apr 14, 2014

    I have religiously watched this show for 25 years. While I am a fan of the digital shorts and cartoons in the past, I have noticed that this season there is an increased amount of pre-taped skits or shorts. Last week they had a great host with Anna Kendrick and they chose to do multiple taped shorts. The show is supposed to be live and I feel they are taking too many liberties with these STUPID shorts. They aren't even funny. Disappointed and I hope they fix this because the charm of this show is the live, unexpected and funny moments.moreless

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    Such bad writing.

    By Elliott_K75, Apr 06, 2014

    Horrible writing with Good list of characters and actors . It could be fixed. Fire the Writers! Low brow without an attempt to go political lacking any sophistication to pull it off. It seems written by a bunch of 20 year old kids.

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    request fo pardoy

    By strangerthanfiction, Dec 12, 2013

    Please, please, please do parody on the man that did fake sign language at Mandela's funeral!!

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    Slapstick trying to be cool.

    By lumo, Oct 06, 2013

    Miley Cyrus, why? Why not Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) or for that matter any less plastic career crisis nightmare. The writers are now terrible as well, really - slapstick jokes with slap in "cool" words like "cray"... whats going on here? This was once a brilliant show but seriously watching the original DVDs from 20+ years back is way funnier.

    Congratulations SNL on turning what was one of the funniest best live shows on TV to something I now see people not even laugh once in the full hour it is on. Did you really think an hour of the cast twerking would be funny? Time for me to move on, sad.moreless

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    Oh No! My Favorite Show has gone Right Into the Toilet & w/ the 1st Episode of the Season Hit Flush!

    By NUTTINBUTTHETRUTH, Sep 30, 2013

    Change is inevitable and often hard to accept... I'm open minded to new things but this was officially the worst episode of SNL I've ever seen ... such a sacrilege of those hallowed halls. A zero is the more appropriate rating but it's not available.

    No humor, offensive to women, and just a crying shame that I've lost 90 min of my life I'll never get back.

    Was Tina allowed to phone it in? She had nothing to do with the writing? Maybe for the right # of $ some of the geniuses behind The Daily Show or Colbert could be brought in to save the show from flat lining.

    Frankly, I think it's a cheap shot to ask viewers to see a former member as a host. At least any recent member. Tina's monologue was lifeless, lacking any hint of humor.

    Crack smoking e-cigarettes - hysterical - NOT,

    I can't tell the staff from a guest - a riot - NOT,

    bimbo's talking about being banged HARD - cerebral humor... NOT even bawdy humor ... just offensive, the cold open was simply cold and I'm sorry to say ...

    no one had any great lines on wkend update and Ms. Strong's over the top delivery of unfunny lines ... was simply painful to watch. What pollster has taken the audience's pulse & ever reported back favorably on drunk uncle? IT'S NOT FUNNY!

    Lorne, Lorne what have you done to my baby? Such a cherished part of my cultural sensibility ... has gone right down the toilet!moreless

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    Final season?

    By mariabonde35, Sep 29, 2013

    The season premiere was so bad that either this is the last season or the show is supported by brain-dead drug addicts.

    Opening sketch about Obamacare was mostly boring political stuff we read every day with little comedy.

    The live music act went on interminably and like most of the other segments had people playing or mugging for the camera.

    Used car ad was lame. "The Girls" was spoiled by canned laughter and loud background music. Or maybe those who couldn't make out the dialogue were spared having to hear it.

    Drunk Uncle is pathetic and for the newscaster to be laughing and enamored with every word shows how far SNL has slipped from the days of Chevy Chase. This part should be given to Beck Bennett

    who is great at dead-pan as in his AT&T commercials.

    Newcomers were lost in the sheer number of cast members.

    Ex-pornstar skit was basically one joke over and over. Tina Fey being carried across camera 3 times

    saying "who let the dogs out" was about as pathetic and unfunny as you can get.

    I'd give this show an "F" but I did laugh 2 or 3 time over the 90 minutes and slept better from boredom.

    So I give it "D" for dull and in recognition of the drowsiness it engendered.

    Manic Mariemoreless

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    Awesome show

    By MRJ12744, Jul 22, 2013

    You look back, SNL is never perfect, even in the glory days, it had some pretty crappy skits. Still though, SNL has been an empire of skit shows and many tried to dethrone it, and they . For every bad skit, there's another good one. Seth Myers rocks Weekend Update, and its just hard to hate this show!

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    By cuculhain, Nov 11, 2012

    Mokiki is a god!!!!

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