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    I know it's never gonna be like it was in the 90s but...

    By trixxtr, Feb 13, 2012

    SNL hasn't been the same since Tina Fey left, that's for sure, but boy does it need a change. First of all, the most unfunny guy since Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers has got to go. He's not good enough as a head writer and he definitely lack the panache to host Weekend Update. You can't be as nice as him hosting Weekend Update! I follow probably close to 50 comedians on Twitter, Seth Meyers was the only one to praise Madonna's Superbowl performance. I rest my case.

    This episode was a bit, a bit better than usual. The Clint Eastwood commercials get a pass from me. Tarran Killam's English accent was abysmal, I mean if he can't do it, well he just shouldn't! On the contrary, his rendition of Michael Cera was excellent, I actually laughed. Zooey's Mary Kate Olsen was superb too. Les Jeunes de Paris sketch was a good idea but how much script was there? 2 lines? That's the writers of SNL ladies and gentlemen, phoning it in, week in week out. Crab Blast sketch was a disgrace to comedy. A five-year-old could've written something so pathetic! And English Penpals, it made my stomach turn!moreless

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    Katy Perry Hosts For A Second Time?

    By thefanof, Feb 13, 2012

    No, it was actually Zooey Deschanel, but based on how she performed in the sketches, her similar appearance, and the lack of anything really amusing tonight it was easy to make that mistake.

    Bill Hader's Clint Eastwood was spot on, the second commercial was the best one, but a lot of these sketches were not clever at all, and Nicolas Cage finally meeting Andy Samberg's Nicolas Cage was disappointing. The "I was only able to appear in 90% of films, bringing shame on my dojo," line was good though.

    SNL has surely seen better days. Too much singing and bad accents tonight.moreless

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    By shanbury89, Feb 12, 2012

    Bill Hader brilliant as Clint Eastwood and in the Verizon spot. The Arianna and Nic Cage bits on Weekend Update were spot on and loved the cameo of Jean Dujardins. Taran Killan's week for sure though, I hope the Piers sketch becomes frequent (highlight: Samberg as the tighrope guy). As for Zooey, she was quirky and good given the material she was given. Overall, my favourite episode of the season so far other than Jimmy Fallon's.

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