Saved by the Bell: The College Years

A Question of Ethics

Season 1, Ep 14, Aired 12/21/93
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  • Episode Description
  • An Ethics course with a tough Professor, drops a midterm paper which Zack picks up and reads. Lesley takes it off him and tears it up.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tiffani Thiessen

    Kelly Kapowski

  • Holland Taylor

    Dean Susan McMann

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar

    Zachary "Zack" Morris

  • Dustin Diamond

    Samuel "Screech" Powers

  • Anne Tremko

    Leslie Burke

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • A tough ethics professor tests the gangs willingness to cheat when they come into contact with a cheatsheet for the upcoming mid-term.

    By clockworx23, Apr 13, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Mr. Rogers: Something special is outside. I think I just stepped in it!

    • Person: I'd like a chicken sandwich with toasted buns. Screech: I'll get this one. Claire, I need a naked chick with hot buns.

    • Zack: He eats freshman for breakfast. They call him the hannibal lecturer.

    Notes (1)

    • This episode was videotaped on November 11, 1993.

    Trivia (5)

    • Goof: In the scene where Slater is trying to get someone to take his place working at the college restaurant, Kelly walks into the room and Slater runs to her and says "Tiffani, will you work for me?" Instead of calling her Kelly, he accidentally called her by her real life name.

    • When Slater asks Kelly to cover for him, she replies that "busting tables is such an icky job," although she did it herself by working as a waitress at "The Max" in high school.

    • Zacks ethics teacher quits after winning the lottery. This is the 2nd time a teacher of Zacks has quit after hearing they won the lottery. The 1st time was in "Cut Day" episode 3-23 of the original series where Slater made the teacher think she won the lottery.

    • When Slater, Zack, Leslie and Alex are in the dumpster, Zack finds questions 8 through 12 of the torn up mid-term. When they find the other half Slater puts the piece that Zack found (qu.8-12) on the top of the other piece (qu.1-7). This means that the way that they read it, it went from question 8 to 12 then 1 to 7; The wrong way around.

    • When Lesley tears the paper up, she tears it vertically, and when they find it in the dumpster it is ripped horizontally.

    Allusions (1)

    • Hannibal Lecturer This is an allusion to Hannibal Lecter.

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