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  • 7.5

    Lola runs for cover

    By peeping, Sep 11, 2007

    Ever heard of "Lola rennt"? It's a German film written and directed by the talented Tom Tykwer. It was even a sleeper at the U.S. box office, launching the career of Franka Potente into stardom.

    Well, somebody should be very, very ashamed. To borrow ideas is one thing (who doesn't nowadays? just call it "homage") and to steal an essential narrative device is something very different. Anyway, sign o' the times.

    The pilot is not bad. Good storyline, endearing characters. Good music too. Johnny Cash is always a plus. I'll give it another try. But I really love "Lola" and somehow felt compelled to express my frustration.


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  • 8.2

    Not a bad start

    By DQMW154, Jun 16, 2006

    Watched the pilot of the new Tom Evertt Scott drama on TNT (\'cause you know TNT plays those commercials for stuff they want you to watch sooooo much that you have to watch it to make them stop). I thought it was pretty good. I liked the pace, Scott\'s character Wyatt Cole (ha Charmed!) is funny and interesting. The show it self reminds me a lot of Six Feet Under just in the weirdness of it which of course makes Saved even more appealing. The show needs some work ( more realism, a long term storyline ect.) but hopefully the 2nd episode will improve. Also to add why did he not have gloves on while delivering a baby? Big no no in the medical world.



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  • 10

    Gutsy, Fast-paced, Enduring ...

    By SweetPeaSurry, Jun 14, 2006

    I loved this episode, i'm really looking forward to this show delving into the lives of it's characters. I know many people seem to think it's a lot like "Rescue Me", and that may be true, but i've never seen rescue me, so i'm pretty unbiased about the whole thing. Still if the show is like 'Rescue Me' it's a gutsy thing to put out there.

    I love how fast paced the show was, the creators and the writers really did a good job with letting us in on the backstory without making it boring.

    I really think this show has the potential to endure, there are a million possible scenerios for each character.

    In a nutshell, I loved it!!!moreless

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  • 7.0

    Not the worst show I've seen so far this summer, but certainly not the best.

    By Nikaratrenal, Jun 14, 2006

    The painful to watch comment is based on two really annoying errors. The first is the fact that Wyatt delivers a baby in his ambulance WITHOUT GLOVES ON!!! That right there is enough to have him fired and sued for several thousand dollars. He's been wearing gloves to do experiments and work since his first college lab, you think he would have caught on by now. The second was the way that the woman's heart stopped when they were shocking in. That certainly isn't the way a monitor would look in that situation. In general, the medical parts of this show were rather weak. Sex in an ambulance?

    While I like our main paramedics, I was a bit underwhelmed by the storyline with the gambling debts. Really? Come on. I really like Wyatt's partner, and feel sorry for him and the situation with his son.


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