News Briefs: Scandal's Third Season Just Got Four Episodes... Shorter

By Kaitlin Thomas

Dec 07, 2013


... Season 3 of ABC's popular drama Scandal is going on a bit of a diet. The series has had its original episode order of 22 episodes reduced to 18. No official explanation has been given for the shortened season, but some say it's because of leading lady Kerry Washington's pregnancy. She's due in the spring and apparently shooting those final four episodes would've been quite a challenge. And it's apparently equally difficult to write the series star out of the last four episodes of the season. Whatever the case may be, the season will be shorter than initially planned, and that kind of sucks. [TV Line]


... Fox has once again made some changes to its midseason schedule, because its been a few weeks and that's just what they do. Sleepy Hollow will now get a super-sized two-hour season finale on January 20. This pushes back what was previously billed as the second night of a two-night Season 2 premiere of The Following to the following (heh) Monday, January 27. But don't worry, there will still be a special premiere of The Following on Sunday, January 19 following the NFC championship game. [Fox via press release]

... HBO loved Real Sex so much they want another series like it (but don't want to call it a reboot). The series ran on the pay cable network from 1990 to 2008 and featured two or three documentary shorts about human sexuality per episode. Look for the pilot of the new series, titled Sex/Now (yeah, I don't really get it either), to air on January 2 at 11pm. As of this moment, the network has yet to order more episodes. [Vulture]

... MTV is once again taking a big leap of faith with its scripted programming choices, with a script-to-series commitment for an adaptation of Terry Brooks' Shannara fantasy novelsSmallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar are writing it, and Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau is on board to direct. This is a pretty big deal, and if it fails, it'll fail spectacularly. But if the network likes the script, MTV s expected to give it a straight-to-series order. Hey, considering what MTV has done with Teen Wolf, maybe this will work out too. [Deadline]

... God bless everyone behind the following trailer from the BBC.

... Bates Motel has released two creepy new teasers for Season 2. There are blood-stained sheets and taxidermy and I straight up don't do taxidermy, so you kids have fun with your creepy dead animals and I'll be over here re-watching that promo for Gangsta Granny. [TV Line

... ABC has announced that it has extended its deal to continue airing Charles M. Schulz's classic Peanuts holiday specials until 2020. Those specials, of course, include A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and A Charlie Brown Christmas, which first aired on television in 1965. [ABC via press release]

... Just because The Terminator said he'd be back does not mean we need to keep trying to bring him back, guys. We tried a TV show once. It was canceled. Let's move on. HAHAHA. Just kidding. Let's do this again because we'll never learn our lesson. Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller, who wrote X-Men: First Class, are writing and executive-producing a series that will bring the Terminator franchise back to television. The project is said to stem from a decisive moment in the first film and take the story in a different and unexpected direction. Now, let's all have a moment of silence for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, please. [Variety]


... Southland star Regina King has been cast in a recurring role on The Strain, FX's new vampire series from Guillermo del ToroThe series is a high-concept thriller about a strain of vampirism that infects New York City. King will play Ruby Wain, the manager of Jack Kesy's womanizing rockstar Gabriel Bolivar. [Deadline]

... Jon Tenney (The Closer) is joining Scandal as a potential love interest for Bellamy Young's Mellie. Little is known about the character, but earlier this week there was talk of the series casting the charismatic, 40-something character of Andrew. Makes you go, "Hmmmm." [TV Line]

... Comedy Central has announced a huge lineup of guest stars for Season 2 of The Kroll Show. Guests include Katy Perry, Will Forte, Craig Robinson, Pete Holmes, Jordan Peele, Jon Heder, and Bill Burr. Returning guests include Chelsea Peretti, Adam Pally, Nathan Fielder, John Mulaney, Andy Daly, Jason Mantzoukas, Jenny Slate, Jon Daly, and Andy Milonakis. Season 2 premieres January 14. [SplitSider]


... You can now buy a Breaking Bad snow globe that rains blue crystals down on an RV in the desert when you shake it. (Mom, if you're reading this and still don't know what to get me, here's a hint!) [Firebox]


... Battlestar Galactica turns 10 on Sunday, which completely blows my mind. Feels like just yesterday Starbuck was striking a superior asshole and being sent to the brig. Anyway, Mo Ryan of the Huffington Post has a great interview with creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore about the show's legacy, and it shouldn't be missed. [Huffington Post]

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  • beveri8469 Dec 09, 2013

    i really enjoyed watching TSCC. was a very good show imo. i thought they did a good job with it.

  • Gully_Foyle Dec 08, 2013

    Definately watching Gangsta Granny, if it's anything like as good as Mr Stink was last year it'll be an enjoyable way to get over Christmas dinner

  • mdoz34 Dec 08, 2013

    MTV is once again taking a big leap of faith with its scripted programming choices, with a script-to-series commitment for an adaptation of Terry Brooks' Shannarafantasy novels. --- NO NO NO... there is no way they can make this a series that comes even close to giving the novels a proper treatment and as someone who has read the books, very few characters go from one book to another and no character exists for the entire series.

    And seriously, enough of the Breaking Bad BS, the show was good and I liked it, but DVD sets and Snow Globes, sorry, that show was not worth that, the show is a good one time watching, after that, it is just not that good. And anyone who thinks it was the greatest show ever, apparently does not watch much tv... there is no such thing as greatest show ever, shows can be good, some are re-watchable, but there is no one show that stands above others so much so that is deserves such a title especially when they keep working towards creating even better TV.

  • ted2332 Dec 11, 2013

    Fingers crossed it is closer to Game of Thrones than Legend of the Seeker.
    Even just doing the first book will take a ton of money to do properly.

  • BerniceAbercr Dec 09, 2013

    I totally agree with you about the what is sure to a be a massacre of the Shannara books! I'm perfectly happy with them NOT becoming a TV series. Why Terry Brooks - WHY?

  • diana121 Dec 08, 2013

    Scandal could have taped it's last 4 episodes if the Exec's wanted. It is done all the time for other shows.
    It is either written in ( which I am glad it is not ) or her clothes and head shots could have hidden the pregnancy .
    I am thinking that maybe KW might be having a difficult pregnancy and no one wants to put her at risk.

  • tdm260 Dec 09, 2013

    That's was my first thought :(

  • pa-tan Dec 08, 2013

    Gangsta Granny? Awesome!

  • Haloprogram Dec 08, 2013

    Hell yeah to more terminator!!! Just don't screw this up!

  • terminaltrip421 Dec 08, 2013

    Looking forward to Sex/Now. Real Sex was great masturbatory thought-provoking material.

  • FilmFanatic Dec 08, 2013

    Gangster Granny? WTF? I'll definitely be watching that.

  • movieblogger Dec 08, 2013

    I'm guessing this means no pregnancy for Olivia and Fitz? That's too bad. That would have been a good twist.

  • Placebo_obecalP Dec 07, 2013

    Battlestar Galactica turned 10 in 1988, just saying...

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