A Little Sex, a Little Scandal

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    The hair...omg, the HAIR!

    By AcaciaJules, Feb 12, 2011

    I know it seems...superficial, but the hair alone in this episode. I thought the hair styles were terrible before, but in this episode, they chopped it off, teased it with in an inch of it's life, and probably hugely affected the ozone layer. (The new hair style by the way, made her look YEARS older! Mid-forties or so.)

    Another issue I have, whenever they shoot anyone, there is never any blood! Not even a freakin' growing dark spot on a shirt. As the body falls, the shirt (where they are grabbing at) is always pristine, not a mark, tear, let alone a whole with a growing blood stain. Was 80s television THAT conservative? This was a spy show, what was with the fear of blood? Can someone please explain the extremely huge shirts? It's worse then the pants some guys wear today!

    Yes, my review was purely superficial, but these things are what caught my attention the entire episode. They were quite distracting.moreless

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