Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare

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    The backs of cereal boxes are more complicated.

    By MadameCat, Mar 19, 2011

    You ever see on the back of cereal a list of quizzes and puzzles or on the back of the Sunday Comics you see questions and puzzles as well? Well after seeing this special Doo episode, you will believe that they look complicated compared to this. You already know, if you're a long-time fan, that the monsters are low-payed dweebs in costumes. So why do they even bother to dress up and scare these idiots? Have they not learned from the past 'monsters' that these kids and their dog will go storming out to find you and unmask your scheme? And, how old are the kids anyway? 30-something? They're too old to solve mysteries now...must be anti-aging cream. And the whole plot seems ripped off of some 70's horror movie.

    That's my review, and hopefully others will write better ones than mine.moreless

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