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  • 9.5

    Childhood favourite. It really is a shame not many people know about this show.

    By PokeSponge123, Nov 15, 2008

    Wow, my third show review of the day! Okay, anyways: this only ever played during school breaks in the UK. I'd wake up everyday of all school breaks, and tune into the usual Scooby-Doo marathons. This show in particular I loved. It was just great! Three teams of famous Warner Brothers cartoons in three teams fighting in an olympics type show! Whoever thought of that idea is a genius. I used to boo when the villians team came on, and cheer for the Yogi Yahooies (or something like that :P) who were my favs, along with The Scooby-Doobies or something like that. I just loved it all. The fact that the presenters were famous characters to (Snagglepuss and that other one) and the events were hillarious! They still show the Scooby-Doo marathons today, but it's just a real shame that this oldie classic has been replaced with crap like Shaggy And Scooby Get A Clue. The thing that lowered the score for me was the fact that it isn't played as much now, but I guess that's just CN/Boomerang's fault.

    Grade: A


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  • 8.6

    Geographically, and factually awsome!

    By Nalanji, Oct 08, 2007

    What can be better then this? Scooby Doo, his best friends, and some random Really Rotton teammates!? Well, Larry David and Curb your Enthusiasm could be, but that isn't important. In the catagory of cartoon/animation, Scooby Doo can't be beat!! (Unless you are forgetful of Carmen Sandiego)

    This show was interesting to see the wacky and zainy games that they had to take place in to win points to beat out eachother. The characters were all well known, and mostly from the Hannah Barbaraish area, so you knew you were in good viewing hands!

    Though the Really Rotten's won only once or twice, it always shook it up and the Scooby Doobies won soon after ;)

    If this is on the old Tube TV, definitely catch it, it's hard to find now a days!moreless

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    One of the best cartoon shows hardly anyone knows about!

    By MaudieMaudie, Oct 08, 2006

    I have spent YEARS trying to describe to friends and acquaintances this powerhouse of cartoons, a Saturday-morning TV junkie's dream. NO ONE seems to have seen this show when it was on. And what a tragedy! Who cares about the Superfriends and their predictable battles when you have this kooky, wacky, hilarious bunch of do-gooders, do-badders and crazies duking it out each Saturday in some unexpected new locale. As one of the other reviewer pointed out, it was more exciting and realistic (in a cartoon-world sort of way) because the good guys didn't always win. And who wouldn't love Muttley's wheezing, smirky snicker? I can't wait to catch reruns now that I know where to find them!moreless

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    My favourite show, cried when I never found it again.

    By NortonFord, Jun 04, 2006

    In my opinion, 100% to blame for my lifelong obsession with the Olympics and all odd sporting events. A fan of the Scooby Doobies or whatever their name was, I would cheer whenever the Rottens brought them down and left the Scoobs alone. I believe that this could be brought back again with a new crop, with three teams, Disney, Hanna-Barbera and the bad guys. Leave the Invincible Scoobster at the head of HB, put Mickey Mouse at the top of Disney's squad, and come up with a mix for the cheats. The show was fantastic, I always thought it was real, and when Scooby won I would run into the other room and tell my mom all the stuff my team had done. This is the best show I have ever seen, please bring it back.moreless

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    Out standing

    By sonicx68, Feb 17, 2006

    This show was really good 45 stars in a battleing for the gold medal this show is full action trills and not forgetting laughs too, The re-airings of this show are great the show is out standing I just don't want to miss a singel episode of this amazing show

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