My Big Brother

Season 2, Ep 6, Aired 10/31/02
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  • Episode Description
  • J.D.'s older brother Dan is in town. Turk is thrown out of a patient's funeral for not knowing his name and feels even worse because earlier he made a bet with Dr. Cox over another patient's life.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Spiller (I)

  • Aloma Wright

    Nurse Laverne Roberts

  • Charles Chun

    Dr. Wen

  • Bill Lawrence

  • Eric Weinberg

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • JD's brother comes to visit.

    By Canogaparkcindy, May 19, 2010

  • JD.'s older brother drops by for a visit

    By Trottelfresse, May 11, 2008

  • Fine example

    By MrPixelAttack, May 28, 2007

  • Clever episode!

    By OeTvGreat, Jun 30, 2006

  • Not the best, but still entertaining.

    By jimbo_001, Feb 05, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (44)

    • Turk: Dude, that girl in the wolf outfit is totally checking you out! J.D.: I'd let her to blow my house down, you know what I'm sayin'!

    • J.D.: Look, I know you, okay. I know the reason you wanted to pretend you're a doctor yesterday is 'cause you hate working in that bar and you wanted to feel like somebody for once. Come on, man, you're not-you're not driving that car across the country for the three hundred dollars - you're doing it 'cause you like the way you feel when you drive it. And the funny thing is, you could be that guy, but you're afraid that if-if you actually have to try at something you might fail, and that's just not a chance you're willing to take. Dan: What can I say? It's been a real pleasure seeing you.

    • Dan: Look, J.D., we're all proud you became a doctor, but just because I haven't achieved as much as you doesn't mean I don't like what I do. J.D.: Dan, there's nothing wrong with being a bartender. Dan: I like living with mom. J.D.: She makes great eggs! Dan: All in all, I'm pretty damn happy! I'm happy... you know? J.D.'s Narration: And now for the apology. J.D.: That's a load of crap.

    • J.D.: Elliot! Come on! What does she expect us to talk about? Dan: I don't know... Maybe the fact that you're so embarrassed by me that you make excuses to your friends about how I live my life. J.D.: Oh, yeah... A guy in a gorilla suit exits the hospital J.D.: We're...we're working hard on a cure.

    • Elliot: Isn't there... something you guys wanna talk about? You know, like cars or sports... or boobs? Dan: I'll talk about boobs. Remember Fred Kiefer's mom? J.D.: She wore a tank-top to Fred's thirteenth birthday party... She taught us how to bob for apples, and three guys passed out. Elliot: Okay, great story! Now how about something with a little more substance? Dan: Dude, remember the cans on Pat Clark's mom? J.D.: Yeah! Those were awesome!

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    Notes (3)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: January 29, 2013 on Prima COOL

    • Title Explanation: "My Big Brother" refers to J.D.'s brother, Dan, coming to town.

    • Producers specially picked Ed star Tom Cavanagh to play the part of J.D.'s older brother because they always thought the two actors looked a lot alike.

    Trivia (5)

    • Dr. Cox refers to one patient in the Emergency room as a "GOMER". This is an actual medical acronym which stands for "get outta' my emergency room".

    • First episode where Dr. Cox calls Turk Gandhi.

    • The correct answer to Dr. Kelso's question ("What is the underlying dermatological condition in rhinophyma") is rosacea.

    • Dr. Kelso is considerably shorter than J.D., so J.D. would surely have been looking down on the 'gorilla'. How could he therefore believe it was the Janitor, when the Janitor is taller than him?

    • Featured Music: "Something's Always Wrong" by Toad The Wet Sprocket

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