My Finale, Part 2

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    The Best

    By GiovanniCoderani, Mar 13, 2015

    It's no coincidence that this episode is one of the highest rated of the whole site.

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    Nothing better

    By BrookeKircher, Aug 29, 2013

    I just finished this finale again... and every time I see it I am blown away.

    i truly think it is the best series finale. The characters stay true to themselves, and the actors are wonderful.

    I'm moved... every time I watch it.

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    The final piece of the comedy Masterpiece

    By bones580, Aug 28, 2011

    AMAZING! I nearly cried! Oh my gosh! the best series finale ever. I loved the ending, i guess i shouldn't say anything if anyone hasn't seen it. But i cried at the end and nearly throughout the whole thing! a must see for scrubs fans and people who have barely watched it! Amazing final communication between Dr. Cox and J.D! whoo! how he put his feelings for J.D brought be to tears. i accidentaly stumbled on it on Comedy Central saying, Hey Scrubs is on. Then hapily finding out it was the Finale i'd never seen i thought i would watch it.... AMAZING!moreless

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    the best ending ever

    By sadmadgla3, Mar 31, 2011

    it is j.d last day and he expects it to be something big. but it was not a big good bye. when i saw the commercial for the last episode and i thought j.d would get a big goodbye. wrongo. he got bye's from all his friends and dr.cox told j.d he did not care that it was his last day. it seemed to j.d that this would be a bad goodbye. as j.d leaves the hospital for the last time the janitors last words to him were."it was nice knowing you john dorian" he seemed to mean it to. as soon as j.d leaves the hospital dr.cox is tricked in revealing his true feelings about j.d. unfortuantly for dr.cox j.d was still there and hear every word dr.cox said. and as j.d walks down the hallway to leave the hospital for the last time he imagines old girl frinds. his brother and old friends and new friends are lined in the hall way. with lavern saying to j.d "keep it holy q-tip" to the last person in the hall hooch. and as everyone else has said it, it is now hooches turn to say it. "hooch is crazy" and as j.d turns around he see's it's all gone. as he leaves the hospital he has another fantasy. and i don't care you did not like this episode everyone loved the ending. j.d fantacy was of his future. with the song "book of love" playing. it show's him and elliot getting married and izzy and sam getting married. j.d step's down the steps looks up at the hospital as a janitor(played by the creator of the show) say's good night to j.d as j.d responds back "good night" then drives awaymoreless

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    A fantastic end to a brilliant, albeit predictable, series

    By haza-w, Mar 28, 2011

    Well, I'm a grown heterosexual man, with the emotional complexity of the average brick. And yet - don't tell anyone - the end of this episode moved me to tears. Apparantly I'm more delicate than my tough-guy persona lets on...

    The series hasn't really done itself proud in terms of storyline twists, with the Dorian/Reid reunion that was almost obligated to occur, Nurse Turk becoming pregnant, and the evolution of Cox probably being the only real highlights in that regard. It has been mostly business as usual in terms of the episodes themselves, although the formula never seems to get old. The finale didn't actually deviate from it much. But this ep's underlying theme, of farewells, fantasia and future, was captured incredibly well by Lawrence et al. and it was unforgettably satisfying to see JD get his comeuppance over Percival at long last!

    It was the silver screen moment at the end, though, which set off the eye shower. It was the Peter Gabriel track, I swear... that man is a god! Still, JD's look into his future was incredibly poignant, and I can only bet that Bill Lawrence had an incredibly enjoyable time writing and filming that bit. The walk through his past encounters at Sacred Heart was also a brilliant touch. Overall, it was a fantastic send-off to the show. I'm not sure I'll bother getting into the new series, as it does seem like they're flogging a dead horse a bit with the change in direction. Still, they pulled out the magic here. An incredible episode, and one which I'm sure I'll be watching again at some point. I'll be prepared for the emotional ending this time, though...moreless

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    Series finale, part two.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Mar 14, 2011

    There are no words to explain how beautiful, amazing, and emotional this finale was. It tied up all loose ends, and gave us fans a sense of nostalgia as the show ended. We got a glimpse of the future, Cox's goodbye to JD not knowing he was listening and that hug at the end is what we've been waiting to see for the past eight years.

    The show managed to bring back a ton of past characters, even the unresolved Amy Smart storyline was resolved. JD never called, it's good that this episode gave us a glimpse of the future. Since we know for sure that Elliot gets married with JD, and Turk's daughter, and JD's son ends up together. Something that they've been hoping for.

    The goodbye's were amazing and the gag reel was just as emotional with everyone saying goodbye, and crying. It broke my heart to see this wonderful show end, but I'm glad they ended it like this. I cannot believe they made a ridiculous spin off after this amazing finale. This is the REAL finale in my eyes.moreless

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    Perfect Finale

    By BenIsAGoodGuy, Sep 29, 2010

    This had to be my favorite episode of Scrubs. JD's last day was not what he had expected, he does not get the farewell he had hoped for.

    The Dr. Cox and Janitor farewells were just perfect, with the whole finding out his name (Glen Mathews) and then it not bieng his name was just classic. And the sneak attack on Dr. Cox was pure genius. The hallway scene was awesome with seeing all of are favorite guest stars, and the final scene were JD is watching his future had me crying. And were you get to see Bill Lawrence as a janitor when JD says "Who says my dreams can't come true, just this once" was a great touch. All in all the greatest ending to the greatest series.moreless

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    The perfect finale for a brilliant show

    By gothina234, Jun 03, 2009

    What can I say! This had to be one of the best finales I have ever seen, I loved the ending, its like we get to see the life J.D wondered if he would ever be able to have from his first day.

    It won't be the same without him, bless him in his vision of the future when he sees the ring.

    I loved the Dr Cox sneak emotion attack, I have watched every episode and would have to say that this finale made me almost cry at the end, seeing them all so happy and still just as nutty and ranty (Dr cox).

    A show that ended wellmoreless

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    the perfect finale!

    By SmallvilleJoe, May 30, 2009

    this episode was my 3rd favourite episdoe of scrubs of all time. It's so well put together, the ending in my view is one of the greatest endings ever. I loved it and it also put together drama with comedy for e.g at the end jd says goodbye to dr cox and sets dr cox up to admit without knowing that jd is the best doctor ever to walk though sacred heart and also how he is his friend jd hears this, as he was supposed to as he and sonny set the whole thing up. Jd gives him a hug and walks how saying that he (Dr Cox) thinks hes a exeptional person. Then the best bit is when he walks down the corridor to the exit and as he does everyone who has been seen and known and has passed away in his care stand down it to show all the experience he has had at scared heart. Then we see hooch at the end as well with him saying "hooch IS crazy" haha. When he walks out he see's his future on the back of his goodbye banner. Where he has a baby with elliott and gets married to her and sam and izzie get married and jd faints (lol), and it is shere brilliance. Bill Lawrence then rips down the banner and makes an appearance saying goodnight, Jd says it back and drives off brilliant.moreless

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    Couldnt have ended any better!

    By jasonhogan, May 26, 2009

    Move over friends! Scrubs just took the top spot!

    Cant believe its over! Thank god though it was the best ending we could have asked for.. No sad sitcom ending tryin to end a story but instead we got an image of a future JD could have so we wouldnt be left wonderig....

    I dont think they should bring it back for another season with new characters.. Just leave it the way it ended on a fantastic note..

    One of the best shows on tv for 8 years.. Never let us down and continuosly made us laugh!!! Il miss you scrubs!!! :(moreless

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