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  • 9.0

    A great pilot for a great, quirky show

    By TVmania619, Feb 21, 2010

    The pilot of Scrubs focuses on the first day of interns at the hospital Sacred Heart. The main interns that are focused on are J.D, who is an awdward, light hearted person. There is also Turk, J.Ds best friend since college and there is also Elliot, an intern to whom J.D is immediately attracted. Once this has been established, the interns realise when they enter the hospital is that they "don't know jack". The reality of the hospital is then displayed to the interns. J.D. meets Dr Cox, a doctor who he sees as insensitive at first, but learns to aspire to him and Dr Cox is now, in J.Ds mind, a mentor. This idea sets the basis of the entire programme, where J.D. constantly tries to impress him. The episode also has a fairly sad ending, as again it shows how realistic working in a hospital is. Overall, this episode, with a mixture of humour, flashbacks and more serious moments has a great formula going which will become the basis of Scrubs for the rest of the seasons :). A great episode.moreless

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    My First Day is a really good episode, especially for a pilot. It really captures how J.D. is feeling as a new intern and also sets up the personalities and feelings of the other characters in the show. You learn a lot. Overall, very good episode. :)

    By Setsuka13, Jul 09, 2009

    My First Day is the pilot episode for Scrubs. It takes place in an un-named hospital, because according to DVD commentary, they were still deciding hospital locations when it was filmed. The rest of the series takes place in a different hospital, named Sacred Heart Hospital, and there is no more changes after that. It starts out as J.D. waking up and being nervous about his first day at a hospital. It basically really captures the overwhelming emotions of going into a hospital as an intern, not entirely knowing what to expect.

    Characters are established early on, such as J.D's best friend Turk and Turk's future wife Carla and attending doctor, Perry Cox. The off and on again relationship of J.D and Elliot is also quickly established. The chief of medicine, Robert Kelso, is also shown and his relationship with J.D. is established.

    This episode generally introduces all of the characters and how the interact with one another. Character development and actions are made here. I like this episode, because it really sets Scrubs up for what it's going to be. A serious medical show from a first person perspective with humor thrown in to mellow out all the drama. It is done very well here and overall, this is a great introduction and set up for what the rest of the series is going to be like over the course of the next 8 years.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By oufsta1, May 07, 2009

    this was a great episode but of course it was the first scrubs episode thats why last night when i watched the finale last night it was like an ending of this whole series but of course it was the great episode cause bill lawrence of course he made the 1st and last episode amazing just like every other episode ok so thats why they made this episode awesome jd was scared but i loved when they sang good time also bill lawrence it was de ja vu in season 8 because bill lawrence is very smart to maki it like this also its funny with tedmoreless

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  • 8.0

    Scrubs took its first step in the right direction.

    By McKellars, Aug 31, 2008

    I thought that this episode of Scrubs was really good for being a pilot episode. It really showed all of the characters in their personality that they will carry for the entire series running. It wasn't really the funniest episode by any means but it did give a good descrption of everyone and gave the viewer a good idea of what to expect from the show. Dr. Cox is the good guy, Dr. Kelsow the bad guy. J.D. and Turk are best friends and even the janitor got a nice role in this episode. Overall, it is a must-see for any Scrubs fan, just to see how much the same they are from start to finish.moreless

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    Best pilot EVER!

    By IHeartTV_08, Jun 10, 2008

    This is the episode that set the bar for Scrubs! There are more sound effects in the pilot than the other episodes but I think that's something they could have kept and the show would still work. Right away they set up all the main characters. Carla the older nurse who has been working there forever, Turk JD's surgeon friend who he's known since college, Elliot the medical geek who may be gay the Janitor who is mean to JD for no reason, Dr. Kelso or should I say satin, and Dr. Cox the nice guy that's not so nice. And of course JD our narrator, our main character, our star who no one knows. This is a show that you can watch and have no idea if you are watching the pilot or season 3. GREAT!moreless

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  • 9.3

    This is a completely off the wall and brilliant series for sure, it revolves around the principle characters of JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Perry and Bob and not forgetting my favourite, the janitor.

    By captainbritain, Jun 05, 2008

    The episode starts with the show's principal character, JD, by narrating everything that goes around him, that he has been able to sleep through anything, storms, sirens, but his first day at sacred heart meant that he wasnt able to sleep.

    He's feeling pretty cocky and full of himself as he is a newly qualified Dr. capable of anything and everything, this comes crashing down the moment he steps through the doors and into the reality of being a doctor, as he just doesnt know where to go, what to do, what's happening where, when or by whom.

    Then the stark reality of who does all the work, knows all that is happening and is the centre of the wards is made known, the nurses, and the main nurse being carla takes JD under her wing and calls him bambi and takes him under her wing, esp. when Perry asks him to do a procedure, only for him to take too long, so he gets Carla to do it.

    Perry as a defence mechanism, doesn't call JD by his name but insists on calling him a variety of girls names, so that he can detach himself from various underlings.

    Bob Kelso, shows his true inner self, as he tells JD, that he is only to treat patients with insurance. Then Perry tells him that if it becomes known that the nurses are doing his procedures for him, that he'll be fired, but it gives him the incentive to get the nurses to help him get them right.

    On his second day, he has to wait by the sliding door as the Janitor is fixing it, JD suggests it might be a penny, the janitor asks why a penny and the mind games of the janitor starts. Also the friendship between Elliot and JD heats up, when she says she doesnt know the answer when JD is stuck, but answers it when she is asked. Turk says he needs some space and that he and JD should not room together, but by the end of the episode has relented this decision and has JDs keys in his pocket.

    But Elliott gets back into JDs good books by getting the permission of a family member to perform an autopsy on their recently departed family member. Then as he is wraping up his 3 days on shift, feeling good that he didnt really make a complete prat of himself, he knocks himself out on the exit door. LOL TFF.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Great start for the show!!

    By Trottelfresse, May 10, 2008

    This was really a fantastic pilot episode. Most of the time, pilots are still a little weak. Well, not this one. I liked the way the characters were introduced and i found them all either likable or ar least entertaining. You really can't wait till the next episode after you watched the pilot. Donald and Zach have a great 'friend' chemistry. One thing i didn't like that much, were the sound effects. They were really too much and luckily they got rid of them. The hospital looked slightly weird (green) compared to the later episodes. I'm glad that they changed the hospital right after that. I liked how JD struggled with treating the patients in the beginning and how Cox helps him overcome his fear in the end of the episode.moreless

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    Meet J.D, A Fresh Faced Intern Who Works In Sacred Heart Hospital With His Best Friend Chris Turk, J.D. Encounters Many Adventures On His First Day.

    By xCeeCeex2007, Apr 10, 2008

    John Dorian, Fresh Outta Medical School And Working In Sacred Heart Hospital As A Medical Intern, Alongside Him Is His College Buddy Chris Turk Who Is A Surgeon.

    J.D. Meets The Ever-So-Sarcastic Dr.Perry Cox, The Scared Lawyer, Ted, The Chief Of Medicine Robert "Bob" Kelso, The Nurse Carla Espinosa & The Todd, Who Cracks Rude Jokes Every Now & Then.

    J.D. Gets Scared To Do Anything On A Patient, But In The End, He Did It! :D Go JD!

    We Also Meet Elliot, A Blonde Woman Who Comes From Conneticut, And Has A Family Who Works In Medicine.

    I Love This Show & I Love Hearing J.D. Thoughts! It's Very Thought Provoking.moreless

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  • 8.0

    A good start

    By Mywayhome, Jan 24, 2008

    Scrubs got on a good start with the pilot episode "My first day" it was one of the best episodes and introduces the characters well. It shows what it is like to be a new doctor in a hospital with JD and it does this well with medical procedures he can't do a mentor who sees him as a screw up and a chief of medicine who changes from the good guy to eventually reveal the jerk he is. JD is great in this episode in his reaction to having patients for the first time and we see how nervous he is. As well as JD all the other of the main cast are introduced and are great in the episode.moreless

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