My First Day

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  • Dr. Kelso: Ok, gang, I'm Dr. Bob Kelso, and I'm your Chief of Medicine, so I just want to encourage you all to think of me as your safety net. Because I promise you, we're all family here, now, then, go get 'em, doctors.

  • J.D.: I guess i get a little goofy when I'm nervous. (Growls) You see, today isn't just anyday. It's my first day. I'm the man...

  • Elliot: If you're talking about getting the Bursky autopsy, I already called the family for you. And they said fine, and to thank you, and I'm sorry... They didn't say that last part, I did.

  • Carla: That's enough. J.D.: Sorry. It's a very big moment for me.

  • Dr. Kelso: Dr. Dorian, do you not realize that you're nothing but a large pair of scrubs to me? For God's sake, the only reason I carry this chart around is so I can pretend to remember your damn names!

  • Dr. Kelso: Okay... Uh, did you ask the Bursky family for permission to do an autopsy? J.D.: They're still in there with him, sir. Dr. Kelso: It's a teaching hospital, son, you gotta ask. J.D.'s Narration: Just tell him you can't see Mr. Bursky again. He'll understand. J.D.: Sir, do you-do you think I could skip just this one? Dr. Kelso: Why, sure, sport. J.D.'s Narration: See? Every story needs a good guy. Dr. Kelso: In fact, why don't you just head on home. You look kinda tired. J.D.: I am pretty tired!

  • J.D.: Well, I think it's okay to be scared. Turk: Well, I need you to tell me that every once in a while, man. J.D.'s Narration: He needs me? Turk: Anyway, I just came to check up on you; see how you're doing. J.D.'s Narration: Ask him to move in again. J.D.: You know, Turk, the offer still stands if you wanna... Turk: Dude, I already took the keys out your bag.

  • Laverne: I need to see you in Mr. Bursky's room. J.D.: Are you flirting with me? You are, aren't you!

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Notes (11)

  • Original International Airdates:
    Czech Republic: December 10, 2012 on Prima COOL

  • The set used in J.D.'s sitcom dream with Elliot is also the set of the ABC comedy My Wife And Kids.

  • This episode was nominated for the 2003 Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award for Best Episodic Comedy, and, the 2002 C.S.A. (Casting Society of America) Award for Best Casting For TV-Comedy Pilot.

  • The x-ray with the show's title shown in the beginning is turned the wrong way: the heart should be seen on the right hand side. This was an intentional mistake put in by creator Bill Lawrence to represent the core idea of the show: young doctors in over their heads. Bill Lawrence reminds viewers that this goof was completely intentional in interviews, DVD commentaries and virtually any other available opportunity.

  • International Titles: -Croatia: Stazist (The Intern) -Estonia: Kollanokad (The Newbies) -Germany: Die Anfänger (The Beginners) -Latin America: Docs -Portugal: Medicos e Estagiarios (Doctors and Interns) -Russia: Klinika (The Clinic) -Slovenia: Mladi zdravniki (The Young Doctors) -Sweden: Första hjälpen (First Aid)

  • While Scrubs' regular episodes are shot at the former North Hollywood Medical Center, the pilot episode was filmed in another hospital in Glendale, California which, incidentally, has since been torn down. Some of the scenes in this episode had to be re-shot in North Hollywood though, making the continuity of this episode somewhat difficult for the crew.

  • Special thanks were given to Dr. Jonathan Doris and Dr. Jon Turk, two medical experts who no doubt have influenced two main characters' names.

  • Sacred Heart Hospital is named after the school which Christa Miller Lawrence, (wife of writer Bill Lawrence) attended.

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Trivia (8)

  • At the end of J.D.'s sitcom fantasy, Dr. Cox says, "What the hell are you doing?", then J.D. glances at the TV where you can see a picture of Dr. Cox pushing the same patient whom he is currently pushing.

  • In the end credits, a longer version of "Superman" by Lazlo Bane is played instead of just the notes score.

  • During Ted's orientation in the beginning of the episode we can see Matt Winston's character Dr. Jeffrey Steadman without glasses, although in all his other appearances in this and other episodes he's never without them.

  • In the scene where J.D. is dreaming about racing Elliot, The Janitor is seen standing in the crowd across the finish line.

  • Featured Music: "Superman" by Lazlo Bane (Scrubs theme) "Away" by Leroy (J.D. gets ready for his first day) "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick (Elliot races J.D.) "Over Me" by Tricky (Turk assists J.D. in draining Mrs. Pratt's stomach fluid) "Please Forgive Me" by David Gray (J.D. experiences his first night on-call)

  • This episode is the only one in which you ever see Elliot wearing glasses. She wears them during the second round of the episode, and she never wears them again.

  • In the scene with J.D. actually performing a procedure towards the end of the episode, Dr. Cox calls J.D. "J.D.", not some other girl name.

  • During the scene in which Dr. Cox is telling J.D., "Dr. Kelso is the most evil human being on the planet", the "dead" old lady sitting behind him in the wheelchair has her glasses on from one angle and then off in another. Also, when Dr. Cox wheels her around, her glasses continually disappear and reappear between shots.

Allusions (4)

  • The Janitor is similar to Gordy, the janitor in "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" in the way that Gordy is always trying new tricks to get the weasel, which is the same thing Janitor is doing to J.D.

  • When J.D. is is trying to calm himself down, while all these people are walking past him quickly as time goes, alludes to the music video for "Numb" by Linkin Park, where a similar scene occurs.

  • In the first scene, when J.D. gets up from bed he is wearing a Clone High t-shirt. "Clone High, USA" is a show created by Bill Lawrence.

  • When Turk first meets Elliot, he says "Ellliioottt" and points his finger to her head. This alludes to the movie E.T., where the main character was a boy named Elliot and was approached by E.T. the same way.