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  • 9.0

    Turk and J.D relationship was strained, when Turk finds out that J.D has gone to Disneyland without him.

    By Steerforth, Sep 27, 2011

    The episode was good, briliant even. Even with J.D, Dr. Cox, Janitor, Dr Kelso and Carla the rest filled for certain. And Turk's reaction after finding out that J.D has gone to disneyland without was so damn fricking funny, that i had to watch that a bit several times before carrying on with the episode.

    But the main focus of the episode was the interns, and how hard the show is trying to put the interns as likeable as the rest of the cast. They're not bad Dr. Mahoney is okay, Sonny is just as good and that small blonde has been a bit quiet of late. But the two male interns are doing it for me, the novalty of of the weird one is wearing off and wearng off fast. And the black intern is 2-D and plain, you can only have one Christopher Turk.

    I believe that Elliot is starting to begin a long sotry line whichs sees her leaving Sacred Heart at the end of the series (possible the show).

    But overall, the episode was good and once again that Disneyland joke, priceless.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Probably my least favourite episode this season.

    By hrgaffney, Sep 27, 2011

    I love Scrubs but this episode had none of my favourite characters in it and a whole episode of the interns just doesn't do it for me. There were a few nice moments but not enough of the clever witty writing I have come to expect from the show. This season was a vast improvement on the previous 2 but this episode was nowhere near as good. I hope that this is put right for the remainder of the season as I woulkd hate to think that it would end on such a downer. Definitely not my favourite episode so far.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A very revealing episode...

    By forever21, Jun 07, 2011

    Sure this episode had it's fair share of laughs, but it was realistic. It shows what doctors go though. This episode definitely had it's moments, which makes it a very special episode, well at least for me. Turk and Elliot acted really well in this episode, especially Elliot at the end. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole season because it's raw and revealing and very honest. I think that this is a very well put and special episode, sure it's different than other episodes, but it doesn't make it bad does it? I watched the end with Elliot's narration about five times, i think this puts into perspective how much i liked this episode :)moreless

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  • 6.0

    Not very Scrubs. Upsetting, but not horrible

    By tv-obsessed, Mar 22, 2011

    Scrubs would have to be my fave tv show of all time and so that clouds my judgement of the episode some what. I really like the characters of Elliot and turk and this episode was really quite nicely put together and some really nice storylines, but it really wasn't a scrubs episode. I mean a whole episode without JD (Zach Braff) What the...? Thats just not scrubs. I was just watching some repeats and realised that in this episode we did not hear JD's voice once, (first episode ever.. i think). In My Absence although JD wasn't there they still had his voiceover. There was no other character interactions either, because there were no other characters. I like the new interns but im sick of watching them, i watch Scrubs to see whats going on with the main characters.

    Oh and By the way as if JD would go to disneyland without Turk? Im just hoping the next couple of episodes are why better because i would hate the show to end with episode excluding JD.moreless

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  • 9.5

    What a great episode! It was really refreshing to see the dynamic between Turk and Elliot. It was also refreshing to see their mutual love for JD in action.

    By JilliBean, Oct 22, 2010

    What a great episode! It was really refreshing to see the dynamic between Turk and Elliot. It was also refreshing to see their mutual love for JD in action. But something that was really special about this episode was what happened with Elliot. I love her character very much, but I've always had a hard time taking her seriously. Something that really stood out for me was how they opened her up and I felt I was actually able to relate to her, probably for the first time in the series. The way she talked about leaving the hospital to start a family seemed like the first real "Elliot" moment for me.

    I mean, the closest we've had to a moment like that with Elliot was "My Fishbowl", and even then Elliot's story seemed cliché and slightly contrived, (Chalke's acting was great, but the story seemed forced). But to me this ending was real and genuine. I hope this is some sort of set up for the series finale, I really want JD and Elliot to settle down together in the end :D

    (I admit I'm a shipper).moreless

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  • 10

    Scurbs is amazing and will always be.

    By CP3Scrubs, Oct 22, 2010

    Scurbs is amazing and will always be. Great ending to a well written episode. Will elliot stay or will she leave. I think this is the last episode that will be missing some main characters. The next few episodes will be in the Bahamas and I think it will be the best episodes ever for this show. The janitor will be proposing to lady soon. I really like the Famous Jet Jackson and Turk's intern and they fit in well with the cast even though I want to see more of the original cast from now on. 6 Episodes left till its overmoreless

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  • 8.5

    One of those interesting episodes ... partially because of ABC's budget restraints, yet worthy in other ways.

    By Tlovesscrubs, Oct 22, 2010

    This is clearly one of the episodes required by ABC TV's budget to exclude major characters in order to keep costs down (if they don't appear, they don't get paid). Surprising though, that in this episode the only two classic characters were Elliot and Turk. No Cox, JD, Carla, Janitor, Kelso, Nurse "Laverneagain", Ted, this episode used the fewest recognizable characters of any in the entire 8 years of the series. Not even any of the regular side players (other than "the Todd")showed up; none of the other doctors or cafeteria crowd. Yet, while ABC saved tons on money, the episode was extremely touching in so many ways. We continue to see Elliot grow and she admits that perhaps, if married with children, medicine might not be her first choice. Also, the interaction between Turk and Elliot showed a maturity unseen previously. They are "old pros" now. At the same time, we see growth in the interns. This last point seems to be a double edged sword. If this truly is the final season, then we're beginning to see that Sacred Heart will be left in the care of competent, growing people. On the other hand, if they attempt to pursue another season, the remaining characters just may be able to pull it off. The trademark Scrubs juxtaposition ... funny versus serious; Elliot has to tell a patient she has HIV while the squeaky intern (sorry, her name escapes me but she's good) spends the episode trying to coax an uptight woman to fart (and then repulses everyone with the after effects) ... classic Scrubs on a somewhat lower key, lower budget, but nonetheless excellent episode.moreless

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  • 1.0

    Worst episode of "Scrubs" since "My Tormented Mentor" in Season 3.

    By MollyClock, Oct 22, 2010

    Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE! An entire "Scrubs" episode without Zach Braff! The new interns are boring, vapid, and utterly unremarkable; it's impossible to care about a single one of them. Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke do their best, but even they can't save the inept writing and dead weight of the new cast. The entire show is beginning to resemble something that even the old WB or UPN networks would thumb their noses at.

    Where are these high episode ratings coming from? Let's face it: "Scrubs" has been struggling anyway since the beginning of Season 6, but without J.D., the show is dead man walking. Yes, I know that Zach Braff is a typical greedy actor who can't possibly support his family on a paltry few million an episode...but why oh WHY did ABC even bother to pick up the show if they weren't going to make every effort to keep the original cast? Limited Dr. Kelso and Carla appearances, Dr. Cox a shell of his former self, and now an entire episode without J.D's narration and fantasies. This is a sad ending to one of television's greatest comedies in the past twenty-five years.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Turk, Eliott, The Todd, and the Interns...oh my!

    By drhoet, Oct 22, 2010

    There is quite a split among Scrubs fans over whether this season is glorious or disastrous. I'm happy to find myself on the "glorious" side.

    Scrubs this season has emphasized a slower, more thoughtful pace, different character relationships, and the interns. Bill Lawrence and his crew have turned budget restraints from a negative to a positive by focusing on the relationships of certain characters when other characters are gone, and focusing on them in new ways. Looking at old characters in new ways has paid dividends for viewers.

    My Full Moon adds thoughtful insights into the relationship of Turk and Elliot, seamlessly conveying previously hidden nuances about each character through their actions in various hospital situations and through their conversations.

    On the "new" front - I think the interns are funny and fascinating and showed their extraordinary potential in this episode. Seeing each of them deal with an unusual patient problem, from imposter syndrome to repressed flatulence, led to markedly different types of laugh out loud hilarity.moreless

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  • 5.5


    By The-A-Man, Oct 22, 2010

    Okay, so here are the few good bits:

    The hivvy - Anything with Eliot dancing with Turkey is brilliant.

    Spacemountain - the fact that it was planned for their 44th birthdays and Turk's subsequent reaction were great.

    Tod's high 5 reactions - super to have him biting back at his thing, and the crazy doctor in the blooper reel fist pumping.

    The crazy patient - who thought everybody was a body double. Genius.

    But the rest was moany, preachy and downright pants. No episode can do without the Janitor, Cox and Kelso. Even JD was missed in this one.

    Really boring. Could not care less about the interns.moreless

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