My Own Worst Enemy

Season 7, Ep 1, Aired 10/25/07
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  • Episode Description
  • In the aftermath of their near-indiscretion, Elliot realizes she doesn't want to be with Keith and J.D. resolves to stop sabotaging himself. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Turk find a patient they both like who is in danger of being discharged.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Zach Braff

    Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian

  • Donald Faison

    Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

  • Sarah Chalke

    Dr. Elliot Reid

  • John C. McGinley

    Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

  • Judy Reyes

    Nurse Carla Espinosa

  • Fan Reviews (30)
  • Another phenomenal portrayal of what Scrubs has come to be.

    By loffeldclan1, Oct 27, 2007

  • 701

    By Canogaparkcindy, Sep 15, 2010

  • Looks like I'm about to disagree with a lot of people on this site...

    By super_friend21, May 09, 2008

  • JD sticks with Kim, Elliot dumps Keith and Dr.cox can't diagnose a patient.

    By ghosthunter8, Apr 19, 2008

  • you have to agree scrubs has hit it's peak but this was still enjoyable!

    By therealmoose, Apr 09, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (24)

    • Kim: Don't you miss me? J.D.: Of course I do! J.D.'s Narration: But the truth was, I didn't. And then I had this weird, crystallizing moment. You see, there's an age-old principle you hear a lot about in medicine; that the simplest, most obvious answer is usually the correct one. It's called Occam's Razor. (Later in the narration) J.D.'s Narration: In my case, it was never about sabotaging myself. It was the simple answer, just like Turk said: I had knocked up a girl on our first date, and I don't have strong feelings for her, and probably never will. And the only reason we're still together is because there's a kid involved. Which means I'm going to stay with her until the very end, whether I love her or not.

    • Dr. Cox: If you want to lose the nickname, you've gotta lose the beard. But then you'd be Doctor Face. Dr. Kelso: Hah! Doctor Face! Dr. Beardface: Damn you all!!

    • Janitor: Would you be interested in seeing a cognitive therapist? Because I know a guy, he's good. I'm gonna give you his card, then I'm gonna bash your head in. I'll see you in the morning. J.D.: I'm in at seven. Janitor: Wear a helmet.

    • J.D.: Who's named Lady? Janitor: She is! Got a brother named Him.

    • (To The Janitor) J.D.: Hello? Oh yes, he's here. It's the Truth calling. Wants to know why you never tell it.

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    Notes (1)

    • Original International Air Dates: Venezuela: April 22, 2008 on AXN Peru: April 22, 2008 on SONY Denmark: March 5, 2008 on TV3+ Sweden: July 5, 2008 on TV6 Germany: September 3, 2008 on ProSieben Australia: October 9, 2008 on Seven

    Trivia (10)

    • Snoop Dogg Resident has now become an Attending.

    • When J.D., Turk, Carla and Elliot sit down next to Doctor Cox in the cafeteria, he says "What, are you bored up there?" and looks up, clearly addressing God. This contradicts, however, to Cox claiming in previous episodes that he doesn't believe in God. So why would he talk to someone he does not believe in?

    • Turk whispers something into Elliot's ear to which Elliot replies "No". Carla then asks what Turk said and Elliot tells her he asked if they still made Mars Bars. Elliot replied no, although they do in fact still make Mars Bars.

    • When Elliot is breaking up with Keith, and everybody is watching, at first there is no one behind J.D. Yet in the next shot, a man wearing a green t-shirt stands behind him. In the shot after, he's gone, and once again he appears in the next shot.

    • Kit Pongetti, who guest stars as the Janitor's girlfriend, Lady, made a guest appearance briefly in "My Philosophy" (S02 E13) as Dr. Mitchell, the woman on fellowship who was in the office next to Dr. Kelso.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Dr. Cox: (about J.D.) ...Dame Judi Dorian! Dr. Cox mixed J.D.'s last name with actress Dame Judi Dench.

    • The title of the episode "My Own Worst Enemy" is similar to the song of the same name performed by the band Lit.

    • Hoosiers J.D. states that he watched Hoosiers last night. Hoosiers was a movie that was released in 1986 starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper. The movie was based on the 1954 Indiana State high school basketball champions, the Milan Indians.

    • Tony Shalhoub After winning Dr. Cox's "Annual Who-Cares-Award", J.D. says, "Suck on that, Tony Shalhoub!" Tony Shalhoub stars in the hit show Monk, and has won many awards including Emmies and Golden Globes. Coincidentally, Zach Braff, the actor who plays JD, has in reality lost to Tony Shalhoub for the Best Actor Emmy award, twice.

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