My Point of No Return

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  • 7.6

    Very funny as always but same old love story...

    By jimod2001, Nov 04, 2010

    Is it just me or is this love story between JD an Eliot getting out of hand?

    In this epsiode the JD decides to get with his pregnant ex-girlfriend and make a go at it. While Eliot is making wedding plans (without Keith... very funny moments from this).

    But do they both want it? Do they? Well I don't know but I'm getting pretty board of this constantly been brought up. Either they get together or they don't to be honest I don't care either way.

    Anyway overall this episode is very funny as always but drawn out by the stupid re-occuring love story... and with a terrible cliffhanger. Change the story guys please!


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  • 1.0

    Another "will they or won't they"? I cannot believe my favorite show ended another season like that.

    By seamusesq, Nov 04, 2010

    So, before I get a lot of hate for the harsh rating, hear me out. The "will they or won't they" is one of the only things overdone on "Scrubs," (secretly, I am beginning to believe Dr. Cox's syllable length is losing its charm). It seems as if the episode's writers did not delve into J.D. and Elliot's history, round about Turk and Carla's rehearsal dinner? (For those of you playing the "at home" version of this game, J.D. told Elliot he did not love her). So, despite the fact that J.D. broke Elliot's heart and ruined their friendship for damn near a season, they end season six with a near kiss?

    I feel like this could have ended a little more tastefully. Yes, J.D. is freaking out about his ordeal with Kim, and Elliot is worried about marrying Keith too soon, but that does not give enough elbow room for this ending.

    I can only hope that season seven can bring me back from this low rating.

    (Seriously, I love the show to pieces, and that is why I had to tear into this one so much)moreless

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  • 5.0

    This is getting a bit out of character for JD's "sensi" personality. And JD and Elloit again?

    By lilkeeps11, Nov 04, 2010

    So as much as I love this show, I can't help but to just be mad about how they are changing JD's character. I understand that he would be pissed off about Kim lying to him and such, but to me it just seems WAY out of JD's character to be treating her like he is. I was happy to see that he was at least trying things out with her, but I just feel like the way he's going about it doesn't fit his "sensitive" character. On a side note, with Elliot getting married I can see why she may be getting cold feet, but are they seriously doing this whole JD and Elliot thing again? I feel like it may be getting slightly overdone.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By Canogaparkcindy, Nov 04, 2010

    JD & Elliot almost kissing? Is this what we really want? We've gone down this road plenty of times, and it has always resulted in disaster? Elliot & Kieth have been dating for 2 years and now they're getting married. Would Elliot be that afraid of commitment that she would sleep with JD after 2 years of being with Kieth Would JD do the same thing with Kim after asking her to come to work at Sacred Heart, and to move in with him?

    We've already got two huge commitments on this show, and I'm sure a lot of fans have come to like them, why bring back JD & Elliot together now of all times? For shock value, maybe? All I know is that, all were going to get here is another mess, even if they kiss or not, or whatever they do, which could really mess up things with their relationships with Kim & Kieth.

    The christening of Jennifer Dylan was nice, JD being removed from being a godfather was hysterical, at least the baby is still named JD. A pretty great finale, usually this show isn't HUGE on cliffhangers in finales, but in this case, they did a pretty good job.moreless

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  • 10

    what's happening?????jd...elliot...please...NOOO!!!stay with kim and's so perfect in this way!!you're adult!!!don't do such a stupid thing!!!!think!!!!!

    By Dalto14, Nov 04, 2010

    i was glad when i saw keith asking elliot "will you marry me?" and also because kim and jd were a couple again...but the almost kiss between jd and elliot shocked me...we saw during the 5th and 4th season how good was their friendship...and now?...they fall again...what's wrong???elliot loves keith and she also quarrel with jd(5th season) because jd doesn't appecciate keith...and now?she's not ready...elliot and jd...please....don't do stupid f**king things!!!!!!even if it makes audience...and i guess the writers had this idea because both the characters are having a situation in which they are they can make the same "mistake"...but this time there are a baby and a wedding in this mess!!!!moreless

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  • 9.4

    well in this episode its the season finale, and at the end elliot and j.d. almost kiss, leaving us a cliff-hanger.

    By messyjessie13, Oct 08, 2007

    i thought this episode was good, but they shouldn't have revisted the same storyline where j.d. and elliot fall for each other. I think that j.d. should stay with kim, and elliot should marry keith. It actually mad me really mad when they were about to kiss, I thought that the writers should have kept the story line the same. (i cant really think of anything else to say)


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    just ignore the lettersmoreless

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  • 10

    Elliot and Keith's wedding approaches as does the due date of JD and Kim's baby.

    By minerjem, Oct 02, 2007

    This could have been a series finale but luckily Bill Lawerence didn't write himself into a corner and left open the possibility for a seventh season. This finale also had the feel of earlier seasons with Dr. Cox's haistyle from season 1 and the resurrection of JD's unicorn diary. All it was missing was Hooch and Ben. Will JD and Kim have the baby afterall? What will happend to Elliot and Keith? Great way to end the season and build up interest for season 7; of all the finales it ends on one of the worst yet best cliffhangers Scubs fans have had to endure.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Another good episode... but something seemed to me missing all of season 6... and this summed it up for me

    By JoRo_5551, Sep 03, 2007

    I don't have much to add, and I donno where I stand on the elliot and j.d thing right now cuz I like them together but at the same time I thought Keith and Kim deserve it too (which is saying a lot I hated Keith at the start) but I really am bummed bout Cox still being so cold on J.D.... I mean the name of his child I understand... but Godfather I was really hoping he'd let J.D... that bummed me out kinda. I guess one of the reasons I liked season 5 so much was that Cox finally seemed to show some warmth to J.D and almost all of 6 had him revert right back to where he was. The season in general was a downer from 5 which I would say had been my favorite so far. It seemed some of the characters didn't continue to progress the same way I thought... Kelso and Cox did but other than that it didn't have the same WOW that 5 did... where it jus seemed that all the characters were interacting and there was a lot there... 6 was all about the babies it seemed like and there wasn't any real moments with Cox and J.D this season which disapointed me cuz I really liked how 1-5 had gone with them.

    Just my two cents thoughmoreless

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  • 10

    At the end of the episode the viewer is unsure just as JD is about his future

    By eoinstack, Sep 02, 2007

    This episode was such a cliff hanger and very well done. All credit to the producers and actors alike. I just read on another post there that there is going to be a seventh season of Scrubs and this is wonderful because this episode was so briliant that it would be a shame not have a new season. This episode of Scrubs waqs particularly emotionally and the wonderful ability of Scrubs is to have moments of hilarious comedy but also the abiltiy to put the viewer on the verge of tears. This episode really and superbly potraits what Scrubs is all about.moreless

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