Secret Squirrel Show

NBC (ended 1967)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 3 : Ep 45

    Squiddly Diddly: Way Out Squiddly

    Aired 10/2/65

  • S 3 : Ep 43

    Atom Ant: Up and Atom

    Aired 10/2/65

  • S 3 : Ep 42

    The Hillbilly Bears: Detour for Sure

    Aired 10/2/65

  • S 3 : Ep 41

    Winsome Witch: Have Broom Will Travel

    Aired 10/2/65

  • S 3 : Ep 40

    Precious Pupp: Precious Jewels

    Aired 10/2/65

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jim Cummings

    Morocco Mole (1993)

  • Mel Blanc

    Secret Squirrel (1965-1966)

  • Tony Jay

    Chief (1993)

  • Jess Harnell

    Secret Squirrel (1993)

  • Paul Frees

    Morocco Mole / Double Q / Various (1965-1966)

  • show Description
  • Secret Squirrel, a kooky spy who wore an overcoat stashed with a myriad of devices, and Morocco Mole, his sidekick, were the stars of this NBC cartoon. Secret's boss, Double Q, handed out assignments for Secret and Morocco in order for them to thwart the plans of villains such as the infamous Yellow Pinkie, their worst enemy. The show originally aired as part of "The Atom Ant / Secret Squirrel Show," briefly broke off into it's own show, the once again reunited with Atom Ant. Secret returned in 1993 when the show "2 Stupid Dogs" contained brand new Secret Squirrel shorts.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (17)

    • Chief: Terrible news Secret. (in wimpering voice) Someone has stolen my box of KRUNCHY MUNCHY!!! (normal voice) As well as Granny's entire inventory.

    • Quark: Oh man, Secret Squirrel. So what's the big secret, you're not wearing pants?

    • Chief: How do you plan to pursue this particular case Secret? Secret Squirrel: I'll do a jig in my undies Chief. Chief: Yes, of course.

    • Queen Bea: (after giving up on trying to make Secret love her) Oh well, there's plenty of other drones in the hive.

    • Morocco: (upside down) I feel faint Secret. All the blood is rushing to my fez.

    • Chief: (after firing Penny) Now, I'll be needing a new spy. Perhaps there'll be a listing in the Yellow Pages under "secret agents." Secret Squirrel: Super secret agent Secret Squirrel reporting for employment Chief. Chief: Did you bring a resumé?

    • Morocco Mole: (referring to Chief's office files) Whoopsie, I found a boo-boo. Goldflipper is filed under G. Chief: Yes, well perhaps that's because his name begins with a G. Morocco Mole: He should be under C, for criminal.

    • Chief: Due to government spending cutbacks, the Super Secret Service budget is being reduced 50%. Secret Squirrel: You can count on us to help Chief. Chief: Good show Secret. You're fired.

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    Notes (19)

    • This episode was the only episode to originally air on primetime. It was meant to showcase the upcoming Saturday morning series.

    • There goal for reviving the show is to make something unique and new for the public while honoring the connection to the original without copying the whole thing. This explains why the show had several changes such as animalizing The Chief (Double Q) and Goldflipper (Yellow Pinkie) into a cape buffalo with a calabash pipe and a sea lion with a love of gold instead of two men with balding hairlines. A new original character, Penny, was introduced as Secret's love interest. Secret's design has been modified and his hat has been changed as well as turning him from a clumsy screwball into a serious, suave and smart spy with all gadgets in his coat and making Morocco from a Peter Lorre-like chauffeur into a childish, clumsy and funloving sidekick/assistant with a new color scheme, sunglasses and a brother named Scirocco Mole. The show also falls under the villain of the week formula.

    • Fred Seibert, last president of HB at the time, ordered Donovan to revive a classic HB show as a backup segment for 2SD as the producers felt 3 2SD cartoons were not good. He chose Secret Squirrel because it was his favorite show as a kid.

    • Beginning with this episode, the show is now called "Super Secret Secret Squirrel" and airs as part of another show entitled "2 Stupid Dogs."

    • This episode originally aired between the 2 Stupid Dogs episodes "Door Jam" and "Where's the Bone."

    • This episode originally aired between the 2 Stupid Dogs episodes "Cornflakes" and "Home is Where Your Head is."

    • Secret: I've seen better singers on sewing machines.

      Coincidentally, Secret's voice actor Jess Harnell is a professional singer and has his own band, Rock Sugar.

    • This episode originally aired between the 2 Stupid Dogs episodes "Vegas Buffet" and "Love in the Park."

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    Trivia (13)

    • When the truck hits the Chief at the end, we hear the truck crash offscreen with a huge smashing sound. But when we see the result of the accident, the truck has no damage at all.

    • Morocco is given his first assignment in this episode.

    • The sign on the side of the truck that hit Secret reads: Sheeps 'B' us How's my driving? Call 1 800 EAT SHEEP

    • Penny is "Agent .01" in this episode.

    • Look closely in the undercover pub where Secret is hanging out and you'll notice portraits of other Hanna-Barbera animal crime fighting stars like Scooby-Doo, Ricochet Rabbit, Atom Ant and Dynomutt, background character cameos by Undercover Elephant, Mumbly and Hong Kong Phooey (the latter two's pictures are also displayed), and the speaking cameos of Snooper and Blabber (whose portraits are seen as well).

    • Yogi and Booboo make a cameo in this episode as well as the 2 Stupid Dogs.

    • When the Platypus has his Descrambling Ray set on a timer at the beginning, we first see it counting down the seconds at the normal rate, but right when it counts from ten to zero (and scrambles our heroes), suddenly it counts down at warp speed!

    • We learn that only Secret Squirrel can see through his hat.

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    Allusions (10)

    • Secret Squirrel's arch enemy Yellow Pinkie is a parody of James Bond's enemy Goldfinger.

    • Episode Title: Robin Hood and His Merry Muggs This is obviously a reference to Robin Hood and his merry men, the famous fictional group of thieves who are known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

    • Episode Title: Bold Rush This is a reference to the famous 1848 California gold rush.

    • Goldflipper is obviously a parody of the infamous James Bond villain "Goldfinger."

    • The scene where Goldflipper is diving through his piles of gold teeth is reminiscent of the cartoon "DuckTales," in which Scrooge McDuck is often seen diving in his mountains of gold coins in his vault.

    • Queen Bea: Hey look, it's Fred Flinstone. Queen Bea is referring to Fred Flinstone, most frequently remembered from the classic cartoon "The Flinstones."

    • Hot Rodney: Hey, look over there, it's Fred Flinstone. Hot Rodney is referring to Fred Flinstone, most frequently remembered from the classic cartoon "The Flinstones."

    • The titlecard is designed in a way that mocks the one used in the long-running TV series "Charlie's Angels."

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  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • The best Hanna-Barbera cartoon. No arguing about hta.

    By InvaderVAL, Jun 21, 2006

  • Winsome Witch made the show funny!

    By TriviaDude, May 28, 2006