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    Simple the best

    By sremnes, Dec 05, 2014

    Its simply the best sitcom ever. Seinfeld is awsome so are the others. Classic episodes like the parking garage and the pilot are awsome, not to mention the stakeout. Best ever i say it again.

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    best show ever made !

    By jerrycooper, May 19, 2014

    seinfeld is the best show ever made , smart and funny , wonderful written , perfect actors , this is the best comedy group ever , every episode is funny .

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    Seinfeld is easily one of the best shows ever!

    By joshcobbssfdfd, Apr 03, 2014

    Frank Costanza has to be one of my favorite characters ever, George and Kramer being up there as well. My ulterior motive for posting here is to post a link to a video I made dedicated to Seinfeld and Skateboarding. I call it, Seinfeld Skateboarding!

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    best sitcom ever made

    By seinfeld123, Mar 25, 2014

    seinfeld is the best sitcom ever made , its a classic , an influence to shows like friends or how i met your mother , my seasons ranking :

    season 8

    season 9

    season 5

    season 6

    season 4

    season 7

    season 3

    season 2

    season 1

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    As best as it could have been writen

    By Raven77, Feb 17, 2014

    Wow, that Larry David guy sure knows how to write a hit show. Heard this was concidered one of the best ones of all time and I got to admit, it had a well fitted run, a lot of great characters with top notch acting and a lot of laughs to go with it. It sure got my intrest in 90`s comedy shows. Plus, I heard it won many awards and it sure did deserve them. What a hit that NBC has given its viewers.moreless

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    By aaronsenzio, Jul 17, 2013

    Simply the best TV show that was ever aired, no other show has ever out done it!!!!!!

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    Show about Nothing is best Show ever to air on television

    By Navieed, May 03, 2013

    The best sitcom of 90's and arguably the best show ever too,the show is an inspiration for Friends and How I Met Your Mother with regard to the plots and Characters of the show,but it will win against these two on any count as the mentioned shows had tendency to get serious in it's few episodes and at average will give you 2-3 Minutes of seriousness in their lot of episodes because of the dedication to the Characters and continuing plots about relationships of main cast,but Seinfeld on contrary gave full value to our time and there was not even a second of wasted time on the television and neither there was any sort of seriousness in any of it's episodes as the characters will almost always behave in a comedic way because it is "comedy" we do not watch it for tears and drama we watch it to laugh about it and that is what it gave us. The show is still better than most of the sitcoms on air these days as most of them will be telling vulgar and cheap jokes but Seinfeld given that was cheeky was no Vulgar and had most of the time very clean and family friendly comedy. The show is must watch for everyone and those who haven't watched it they are really missing some great comedy I declare it The Godfather(Movie) and New York Yankees of all Sitcoms.moreless

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    Best comedy show ever!!

    By rickriver63, Apr 29, 2013

    I miss you guys. My favorite show. Could pass 20 more years and I still watch your show!!

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    Funny Show

    By xlogold, Apr 26, 2013

    But why do they seem to focus on the last 3 seasons for reruns??? Also why are the episodes always out of order?

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