The Abstinence

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    I loved this episode!

    By titiembe, Apr 03, 2011

    No seriously, this episode was awesome. Kramer's story was my least favorite, but it was funny. His face is so horrid when he smokes, wow. I was like looking away from the TV when that happened. Jerry's story was funny when he gets bumped from a Junior High and then a fire drill and then the kids end up not liking him at all. George and Elaine's storys was the funniest. George doesn't get any s*x and gets really smart, that is so funny. It is also funnier when his girlfriend said that some screwed intern made the mistake of telling her she had mono, which is Elaine's boyfriend. Elaine becomes stupid when she doesn't get s*x. Ha! So, very nice episode.moreless

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