The Big Salad

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Quotes (13)

  • Jerry: Newman never stops seeing anybody. Newman will see whoever is willing to see him.

  • Jerry: Generally speaking, you don't need any extra incentive to murder a dry cleaner.

  • George: Hey, you want to get some lunch? Jerry: Just had a big bowl of Kix. George: Oh well, that's very mature.

  • Elaine: I think he's got ideas. Jerry: I wonder if any woman every said that about Einstein?

  • George: I think I would like to play with dolls.

  • Elaine: Perhaps there's more to Newman than meets the eye. Jerry: No, there's less.

  • Kramer: Hey, a rule is a rule, and let's face it, without rules there's chaos.

  • Stationer: What’s your last name? Elaine: It’s just Elaine. Like Cher.

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Notes (2)

  • Elaine gives her phone number as "KL5-2390", and Jerry protests that that's actually his number. ("KL5" translates as the infamous "555" exchange.)

  • The pillow that Newman is sitting on when Jerry first enters his apartment has the same pillowcase as George's pillows over his parents' house.

Trivia (6)

  • In the taxi cab scene where George is telling Elaine that he paid for the big salad, the entrance to Ed Sullivan Theater with Dave Letterman's "Late Show" sign is visible on the left side of the screen in the background.

  • In answer to the question "why *wouldn't* Elaine assume that George had paid for the salad, regardless of who handed her the bag?" Because of the following exchange: Julie: Here's your big salad. Elaine: Thank you, Julie. Julie: Oh, you're very welcome.

  • Julie infers that George told Elaine he paid for the big salad when Elaine complains in front of Julie that George might want her to pay him back for buying it. But why would Julie assume George actually had to tell Elaine he paid? After all, Elaine asks George, not Julie, to get her the salad. Given that, why *wouldn't* Elaine assume that George had paid for the salad, regardless of who handed her the bag? Indeed, under these circumstances, it would be odd if it even crossed Elaine's mind that Julie might have paid for the salad, and her question "How did Elaine know you paid for the salad?" is inane.

  • In this episode Elaine claims that her middle name is Ike, however, in the episode "The Package" she says that it's Marie.

  • Not necessarily a goof, but I would like to know who it is that calls Jerry and tells him about the Gendason car chase. George and Elaine are with him in the apartment, and Kramer is with Gendason. It would have to be someone who knows about Jerry's ties to Kramer and Gendason. Perhaps Newman or Margaret, but both of those seem unlikely. It is a mysterious phone call nonetheless.

  • Let me respond to (a) the first posting and (b) Elaine's middle name. (a) The phone call could have been by anyone of Jerry's friends. Nothing about Kramer's ties to Gendason is mentioned. The issue of Gendason on the run from the police (him being a famous ball player) is enough for anyone to call their friends and tell them to turn on the TV. No mystery. (b) Elaine's middle name is Marie. There is at least once I can recall, in "The stake-out", when Jerry and Elaine are in the video store and Jerry says "Elaine Marie Benes!" Elaine clearly tells Julie that her middle name is Ike as a joke. Anyway, isn't Ike a male name?

Allusions (2)

  • Winston Churchill In the exchange Jerry and Elaine have at Monk's about Newman, there are two paraphrased quotes from the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: "There's less to him than meets the eye," referring to Clement Attlee, the PM who succeeded Churchill. This one is paraphrased in the dialogue: Elaine: "Maybe there's more to Newman than meets the eye." Jerry: "No. There's less." "It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma…" referring to Russia is paraphrased with Elaine saying almost these exact same words about Newman, then Jerry responding "No, he's a mystery wrapped in a Twinkie."

  • :
    Kramer and Gendason's car chase is a spoof of the O.J. Simpson chase, including Kramer's quote, "You know who I am, dammit!"