The Bottle Deposit (2)

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  • 7.7

    Part 2.

    By thefanof, Jan 06, 2010

    This was one of the few episodes of Seinfeld, along with The Boyfriend, that had two parts. Unfortunately, after a strong first half, the second half failed to really deliver. Failing to deliver by Seinfeld standards is still better than most, but maybe it's because I have seen it too many times, or maybe it just was not the greatest episode ever.

    The plot was just too ridiculous and some of the scenes, and the allusions were just not that funny, such as the whole ending with the farm. If you are looking for a good episode to watch, skip this one.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Road Trip!

    By GeorgeJobson, Feb 01, 2007

    Part two of the two-parter takes place on the road somewhere in Ohio as Krammer and Newman spotted Jerry's car and chased it to a farmhouse. Their bottles that they were suposed to take to Michigan and all the mail are gone, and in the end they got the golf clubs back. This is nt much of a episode then part one, where the whole thing began. I only wish that Krammer and Newman would go up to Michigan. too bad they had to go after Jerry's car. Oh well, I say it again,"Never a dull moment in Jerry's Neighorhood!"moreless

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