The Burning

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Quotes (18)

  • Puddy: You stole my Jesus fish didn't you? Elaine: That's right I'm the devil! (makes her fingers like horns and gaggles at Puddy)

  • Sophie: My boyfriend said I got gonnorhea from riding the tractor in my bathing suit.

  • Elaine: Is it a problem that I'm not really religious? Puddy: Not for me. Elaine: Why not? Puddy: I'm not the one going to hell.

  • George: Pull the old switcheroo. Jerry: I think that's 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander.' George: What the hell is a gander anyway? Jerry: It's a goose that's had the old switcheroo pulled on her.

  • Kramer: I'm going to make people feel my gonorrhea and feel the gonorrhea in themselves.

  • George: (going out on a high note) Alright, that's it for me! Be good everybody!

  • George: I'm against all 'It's me's'. It's so self-absorbed and egotistical, like those hip musicians with their complicated shoes.

  • Mickey: Bacterial meningitis... Jackpot! Kramer: Gonnorhea? You wanna trade? Mickey: Sorry buddy, this is the Hamlet of diseases. Severe pain, nausea, delusions... It's got everything.

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Notes (3)

  • Elaine discovering that Puddy is religious was spawned when writer Jennifer Crittenden found her husband's car radio was tuned to a Christian rock station.

  • The Just Shoot Me! episode, "The Kiss" which aired immediately before this episode, contained a Seinfeld reference. In that episode, someone said that he was "Kessler from 5B". Of course, Kramer's character was originally to be called Kessler, and 5B is Kramer's apartment number.

  • This episode was dedicated "In Memory of Our Friend Lloyd Bridges" who had died since the last new episode aired. Lloyd of course played the hilarious "it's go time" character of Izzy in last season's episode "The English Patient" and this season's "The Blood."

Trivia (6)

  • Although Puddy is revealed to be religious in this episode; back in "The Face Painter" he not only threatened a priest but painted the devil on his face.

  • At the start of the episode, when Elaine pulls away from the curb in Puddy's car, Puddy disappears from the background. This is because stock footage was used for the scene out the car's back window, as opposed to shooting new footage including Puddy.

  • In this episode, Elaine says, "That's about right," in reference to Kramer's fake ailment. In Episode 73, The Masseuse, Jerry says the same thing in reference to Elaine.

  • When Elaine is asking Puddy if he's religious, he has his hands on the couch; however, in the next shot his arms are at his sides.

  • The picture in Puddy's apartment of the large-haired women is the same one used in Elaine's apartment in "The Voice".

  • Very early in this episode where George,Elaine and Jerry are talking,you can see whenever they have a shot of Jerry he has mustard and ketchup right by him,but when it goes to George he doesn't have it in front of him.And then when Elaine enters they have a longer veiw of the table and you can't see the mustard and ketchup next to Jerry.Mabye this is just the camera angeling,but I'm pretty sure they messed up.

Allusions (2)

  • Kramer: I don't believe this, I'm being typecast! Michael Richards was in fact typecast as a goofy funny guy from his role of Kramer on Seinfeld.

  • Episode Title: The Burning This is a reference to the 1981 slasher movie The Burning, which starred Jason Alexander (George).