The Butter Shave

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  • (Newman is sitting in the Coffee shop when the head of a Turkey turns into Kramer's head) Turkey Kramer: Hey buddy! (waves wing) (Newman panics and bolts from the restaurant)

  • Jerry: You like Bania's act. You're a closet Bania fan! George: Maybe I am. Jerry: Oh, I'm gonna puke. George: Puke! That's a funny word. Puke. (laughing) puke! Don't have to think about that.

  • Elaine: (to Puddy) Please! I took you back. You know it, I know it, vegetable lasagna here knows it. Vegetable Lasagna: (apologetically) I don't want to get involved. Elaine: Ugh, I hope a giant mountain rises out of the ocean and we just ram right into it and end this whole thing! Vegetable Lasagna: Oh god.

  • Elaine: Do you want something to read? Puddy: Nah. Elaine: Well, are you going to take a nap or -- Puddy: Nah. Elaine: You're just going to sit there staring at the back of a seat? Puddy: Yeah.

  • George: Well, I was buttering myself up for a nice shave- Jerry: Oh no, not you too? George: I must have dripped some on the floor and I slipped and... Jerry: You know what's good for that? Relish.

  • Kramer: Oh man, I think I cooked myself.

  • Elaine: (to flight attendant) Hey, you gonna bust out that drink cart or what?

  • (Newman smells food in the air and thinks it's coming from Jerry's apartment) Newman: You know, old friend, sometimes I ponder this silly gulf between us, and I say 'why?'. Are we really so different... Jerry: I'm not the one doing the cooking, Newman. Newman: Damn you Seinfeld. You're a useless pustule.

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Notes (4)

  • Wayne Knight receives the "With" credit.

  • The Sheena Easton hit "My Baby Takes the Morning Train", which plays during George's handicapped/work montage, was also used in "The Bizarro Jerry" as Kramer made his way to work.

  • Jerry refers to Bania as a time-slot hit. This is an obvious reference to the fact that whatever show aired following Seinfeld was considered a time-slot hit.

  • This episode was dedicated "In Memory of Our Friend Brandon Tartikoff." Tartikoff was a former president of NBC who was responsible revitalizing the network in the 1980s. It was he who believed in Seinfeld from the beginning and was responsible for keeping the show alive during the early days of low ratings. He died of Hodgkin's Disease a month before this episode aired.

Trivia (5)

  • Goof: When Kramer explains to Jerry why he's started using butter on his face, he keeps waving the stick of butter in his hands around. At the end of the stick you can see something brown-ish, his makeup that has rubbed off. The makeup also rubs off on the slices of bread Jerry smears on his face.

  • The song "My Baby Takes the Morning Train" by Sheena Easton, was also used in the movie "Euro Trip", which was also produced and written by Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer.

  • Jerry: (As George enters the club with a cane) No more crutches? Actually, in the opening scene in Monk's where Jerry and George are sporting moustaches, George has his cane beside him in the booth, so Jerry must have already known that George was no longer using crutches.

  • Although he speaks with an accent the whole episode, "Vegetable Lasagna" clearly has no accent when he delivers the line "I can hear you."

  • How does a flight from Oslo to New York take 22 hours? Even with a stopover in London, the maximum a flight would take would be around 10 hours! It takes 22 hours to fly from the USA to Australia!