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  • 8.5


    By Canogaparkcindy, Nov 03, 2008

    This episode was filled with Pakistanis! Chaos releases when Jerry meets Babu & gives him advice, to change his restaurant. Elaine cheats for George. I like how George's girlfriend kicks him out in the end, George was really stupid to give it to Elaine and worst of all let Elaine retake it. Kramer and returning that jacket was a bit stupid but that's about all of Kramer's plots, stupid. Still didn't develop, but i was definitely surprised when Kramer's plot continued in the next episode. Jerry ruins Babu's business sadly, but I never really liked him anyway, he was the source of all the trouble.moreless

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  • 8.8

    Jerry's not a good guy, he's very great. A Great guy.

    By whoaitsconner, Feb 15, 2008

    Problems: Jerry sees this man trying to run a new restaurant on his street, but he is not getting any business. Jerry goes to meet him and his name is Baboo (Babu) Bhatt. He gives advice for Baboo to change the restaurant to his home country, Pakastani. When he does this he still doesn't get any business. George's girlfriend wants to give him an i.q. test, but George knows he's not smart enough to ace it. He gives it to Elaine, but Elaine has problems concentrating. Kramer stole a jacket from his mom's old boyfriend, and now he wants it back.

    I didn't like this episode at first, but after I watched it a couple more times, I grew to like it. It's actually a very clever and funny episode.moreless

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