The Cigar Store Indian

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    This is a fine example of Tom Gamill & max Pross\'s work.

    By greenlightfox, Apr 15, 2010

    Like i said earlyer Tom Gamill & Max pross are the best writers form seinfeld. This episode proves it. Kramers stoyline about a coffee table book is the right thing. For him to do. The George storyline is mostly the same for him. Lie to someone have his mother and father yell at him.

    Elaine has to get a tv guide for Frank. Because he Likes to keep them. Jerry buys a cigar store Idian. Jerry set a cup of coffee down on the table. George go\'s nuts. Because it has a water mark that will not come off. So he has to fix it. That is why this eposide is funny Note: I know i can\'t write a good review.moreless

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    Jerry discovers his girlfriend is a Native American.

    By ParkPlace2623, Apr 26, 2008

    This episode was so funny. I enjoyed watching this episode so much. I could not stop laughing. I really loved the part where they asked the mailman where a good Chinese restaurant was and he had a fit because he thought that they thought because he was Chinese, he knew where all the Chinese restaurants were. I really loved when Kramer drove past with the cigar store Indian and imitated them in front of Jerry's Native American grlfriend. It was so hilarious. It was also funny when Jerry brought the Cigar Store Indian to Elaine's place and the Native American left. This episode was a perfect installment, like all the others.moreless

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    Guide, gyros and good old-fashioned fun.

    By GeorgeJobson, Dec 05, 2006

    Another excellent episode of "Seinfeld." the TV show which is about nothing, is about plenty. this episode is about a coffee -stain table, which lead Kramer to suggest a coffee table book on coffee tables. elaine ttakes home a TV guide and ran into a man who loves television. Meanwhile, Cigar Store Indian shows up that offended an American Indian woman. this is one of the best episodes of the series. This episode has plenty from a show that has nothing. The TV Guide plot is funny, the Cigar Store Indian plot is fun. Kramer running back to the train with the Gyro is funny. His hands stuck in the door and someone grabbing the gyro. Funny stuff. a good time is had on the show.moreless

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