The Cigar Store Indian

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  • Weird guy: (to Elaine) You look scrumptious!

  • Kramer: (selling his coffee table book idea) And on the cover is a built-in coaster.

  • Frank: How do you just walk into a house and take a TV Guide? How does she expect you to watch TV? Am I just supposed to turn it on and wander aimlessly around the dial?

  • Jerry: Ya know, I don't get it. I'm not allowed to ask a Chinese person where a Chinese restaurant is? I mean, aren't we all getting a little too sensitive? I mean, somebody asks me which way is Israel, I don't fly off the handle.

  • Weird guy on subway: (to Elaine) See, on this particular Tuesday you could've watched six hours of Lucy. There's I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy!

  • Frank: (to George) What is this? A prophylactic rubber? Estelle: What is this doing on my bed?

  • Jerry: (Complaining about the Chinese mailman's reaction) When someone asks me which way is Israel, I don't fly off the handle!

  • Jerry: You can't give something and take it back that makes you an..... Winona: A what? An indian giver? Jerry: I'm not familiar with that term!

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Trivia (6)

  • George says in this episode that his parents don't read books when we see Frank doing just that a few episodes ago in "The Non - Fat Yogurt".

  • It is in this episode that Kramer first comes up with the idea for a "coffee table book about coffee tables." Although in "The Opposite," while on "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee," he claims to have come up with the idea while skiing, it is actually in the Costanza's house in this episode.

  • Frank Constanza's hobby of collecting old TV Guides isn't all that unusual. A search on ebay on an average day shows over 2,000 enties for old TV Guides ranging in price from 1 cent to hundreds of dollars depending on condition, age, and cover subject matter. No other currently printing magazine matches the number of bid-upon auctions as ones for "the Guide"

  • When Elaine and Kramer are on the Subway they are on the #6 train on their way back from Queens to Manhattan. The #6 train does not run in Queens. The #6 goes only between the Bronx and Manhattan and certainly does not stop at Queensboro Plaza. The cars on the #6 train do not have seats facing forward or backward, so it is possible that the interior shot was done inside of the N/W line. This is evident from the yellow color scheme of the train seats, unique to the N/W (the 6-train color is scheme is green). Also, the N/W cars have front and rear facing seats, whereas the 6-train does not.

  • In the scene where, Estelle says, "I can't! I can't!" as she walks off and the camera switches to Frank, the audience's laughter seems to stop suddenly. Actually, the laughter doesn't stop. If you watched the episode when it first aired or on DVD you'll see this doesn't happen. Because what you're apparently thinking is that the laughter just stopped for no reason. This is wrong, the laughter continues and Frank says "That's it. You're grounded". Of course George responded, and than the camera was back at Frank and there was no laughter. So that's all, just a misunderstanding because of a minor mistake on syndication.

  • Estelle and Frank find a condom wrapper upon their return. George confesses to having sex in "their" bed claiming his bed is too small. However, it was revealed in The Money (S8,Ep12) that the Costanzas sleep in separate (twin) beds due to Estelle's "jimmy arms." Says Frank, "we came to an agreement 30 years ago. It was the only way I could get some rest."