The Dinner Party

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    incredibly stupid

    By sremnes, Dec 30, 2014

    Its so fdfunny how they discuss nothing, making no Points, other than showing how stupid each and other chartacters are.

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    A baked good.

    By cactusjack39, Sep 15, 2010

    To start off, I want to say that George is crazy. He would have gotten his teeth kicked in had he had any guts, but being the cheap, coward that he is, he runs away from a fight he started. Kramer was of course his normal self as he had his antics continue. Jerry and Eliane were funny together in the bakery, but I thought the entire process was too long. I was getting hungry seeing all of the baked goods. Overall, the episode had some good writing, good comedy, and decent plots. It was really entertaining and one of the better episodes. Thank you.moreless

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    The gang goes through a series of misfortunes on the way to a dinner party

    By oceanic6, May 17, 2010

    On the way to a dinner party, Jerry and Elaine stop off at a bakery and get held up when the bakery runs out of chocolate Babkas. Meanwhile, George and Kramer stop off at a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine and have a hard time picking one out, let alone paying for it....

    Part of this episode's success is due to the combination of Larry David's writing and Tom Cherones' direction. Both of whom know exactly what makes a good episode and made this one classic. Both of them left the show before their time was up but thankfully David was substituted with the talent of many top writers and Andy Ackerman took the role of the key director.

    This episode makes use of the famous Seinfeld technique of having a thin plot leaving the four main actors to pad out the rest of it with hilarious observations, conversations and actions. The Jerry/Elaine and the George/Kramer plots are both very pleasing and contain genuine Seinfeld madness and hilarity with great acting but the nervous; Pepsi - drinking, tradition - hating and Gore-Tex - wearing George is the MVP for this episode.

    Praise goes to the detailed sets that effectively capture a cold and busy New York even though it's filmed in hot and sleepy California. The Dinner Party is an above par episode of Seinfeld and will have you laughing from the silly start to the ironic conclusion.moreless

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    By ugi777fort, Mar 10, 2009

    What an amazing episode possibly my favorite Seinfeld of all time. There are many stories in this episode. George if all annoyed that every time there is a dinner invitation there is something that has to go along with it. He gets an enormous gortex coat which causes a small argument. he gets double parked spills wine has to give away his coat has to but several things to get change for a hundred admits he is scared of Elaine. Jerry eats a black and white cookie and vomits ending his vomit streak and tells a dramatic tale about a bad experience with a hair. Kramer get hypothermia and Elaine gets her toe broken and runs into an old friend who she ends up arguing with about a numbermoreless

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    Dinner Party

    By CTUBauer24, Apr 17, 2007

    In this episode Jerry George Kramer and Elaine try to find a cake and wine to take to a dinner party Jerry and Elaine are dropped off at the bakery to get a cake mean while George and Kramer go get the wine but while in the store some one blocks them in and they can not get out because someone double parked because of this jerry and Elaine are stuck at the bakery and they are wondering were the others are the is a funny episode to watch I really enjoy both stories and thought the were very funny.moreless

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    Four people trying to get to the same place but making seperate pit-stops and ending up in awkward situations. Classic Seinfeld!

    By MIZPURFIK, Feb 16, 2007

    This episode is by far my favorite! I loved it from the very beginning when George walked in with that coat on, it was at that moment I knew this was gonna be a classic. Gortex coat, double parkers, obscure rules of what to bring to a dinner party, (I'm with George, ring dings and pepsi they'd be the hit of the party), fight at a bakery with people attending the very same party, wrong babka, black and white cookie, inability to change a hundred dollar bill, spilled wine, end of vomit streak, smashed toe, scared George, freezing Kramer, pissed off Elaine, nauseous Jerry and when all that is said and done, NO PARTY!! Laughs from beginning to end! CLASSIC EPISODE!!moreless

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    Party Poopers!

    By GeorgeJobson, Dec 11, 2006

    Another classic episode of the series that makes "Seindeild" suuch a pleasure to watch. This episode has the gfour stuck in two place in order to get stuff for a party they don't want to attend. Jerry and elaine are a t a bakery fighting costumers and fighting employers over a hair in the cake. also Jerry refused to use a number machine. Kramer and George are stuck at a Party store with wine, a penhouse and few other things that come near to $100. The car was blocked in and George loses his coat over an accident. funny stuff.moreless

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    \"the fabric of society is very complex, george\"

    best episode ever

    By ackermaniv, Oct 21, 2006

    this episode never seems to be on people\'s lists of the best seinfeld episodes, and that surprises me-- i think that this is one of the best, if not best episode of seinfeld ever-- it was true to character and hilarious--

    the first time i saw it, i accually didn\'t like it that much, but after watching it recently, it is indeed a series classic, and extremely underated. i dont\' think that seinfeld episodes need to go out of bounds, like \'the contest\', they only need to be funny, as this one is. it tells the story of a common situation, and what you have to do for going to a dinner party-- and it excutes it briliantly-- elaine telling everyone they need to buy stuff and george saying he\'s content with pepsi. As jerry so eloquantly put it, in the shows--even series-- best line--\"the fabric of society is very complex, George)moreless

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