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  • 4.5

    This is the Series's worst episode.

    By Clayburn, Apr 17, 2011

    The whole thing about Jerry taking care of some strangers dog is way out of character. Where was Gavin Polone when Jerry needed him as a character witness in the Finale? The point of the entire show is that these people, with the possible exception of Kramer, are selfish, uncompassionate and cruel, but humorous. Jerry doesn't seem like much of an animal person either. He kills doves, obviously hates ponies and pony owners. It really seemed like the dog idea was just put in place to get Jerry out of the show in order to bring out the George and Elaine relationship, which was a nice part of the episode. It did a good job of defining the George and Elaine characters' relationship, as being only existant through Jerry. Like Jerry's stand up material, it's just a trivial observation. I think most people, if they thought about it, would see how there's no George and Elaine relationship. But by observing that and then picking at it and adding humor, it becomes really interesting. I also thought Kramer's story didn't make much sense. I'm not sure what was going on I guess, although the jokes were good.

    The Dog would have been a much better episode without the dog, or Gavin Palone. The dog owner is a terrible character, painful to watch, be it horrible acting or just a moronically-written character. I can barely stand this episode.moreless

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  • 7.9

    Pretty good... pretty good.

    By whoaitsconner, Apr 17, 2011

    Okay, so lets go through all the problems: Jerry has to take care of a drunkenmen's dog which suspends him from living life as he usually does, and because of this George and Elaine find out they don't have anything in common when they're alone, and last but not least, Kramer tries to break up with his girlfriend.

    So, basically, it was a weaker episode for season 3's standards and as for Seinfeld, but, if it belonged to season 1 or two, it would have been a great one! Season 3 itself was a huge transitional season. But, nevertheless it wasn't a bad episode, I enjoyed it.moreless

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  • 8.0

    George & Elaine, alone...

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 17, 2011

    This episode was quite interesting because George & Elaine alone wasn't something you could even think of. Through the whole episode they try to see a movie, finally George & Jerry see it without her, I love the end when Jerry finds out the movie is really bad. I like how Elaine & George have nothing to talk about but ending up talking bad about Jerry. Kramer & breaking up with his girlfriend, so harsh! I like how at the end he ended up begging for her forgiveness, also shows a sensitive side of him when he was offended by Jerry & Elaine. A great episode.moreless

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  • 7.5

    The dog.

    By thefanof, Apr 17, 2011

    A lot of people don't like the old episodes of Seinfeld. They do not pick up on the cleverness of the storylines or the far more witty and original lines spouted by the show's iconic cast. That being said, this episode adds some fuel to the fire for their argument as this is probably one of the weakest offerings the show has ever done. Sure, there was some greatness here from the saving movies discussion, to George and Elaine needing a buffer to be together (a very relatable subject), but compare this to some of the classics and it simply doesn't measure up.moreless

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    Funny episode... nice to see Jerry as a dog owner.

    By LisaGansky, Aug 02, 2005

    I liked this episode because we see Jerry can be compassionate when he wants to be. He cares for the obnoxious Farfelle, who barks at everything and anything, and takes over Jerry's apartment for a week. It's funny to see Jerry's neat place a mess for once! Props to Elaine for not letting Jerry take the dog to the pound. Also, glad to have found out that the bark is really done by a person! That bit cracked me up. It is so random and funny when the dog's owner finally comes to get him. The whole episode is random. A guy on a plane asking you to watch his dog? Too much!moreless

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