The Doll

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    One of my favourite Seinfeld episodes

    By fredde400d, Dec 09, 2008

    This is a really funny episode, I couldn't stop laughing in the pool scene, a pool table in a small room is a brilliant idea.All the sub-plots were amazing in this episode. Susan's roommate from collage was really funny and stupid, and she ruined Jerry's material to the Charles Grodin show twice. This episode contains a lot of George, maybe that's why it's so funny. And all the nagging about Jerry's material was hilarious.

    The doll was creepy, and the end when Frank Costanza destroys the doll was great too.

    Season 7 is a really good season, and this is the best episode in it.moreless

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    Good Episode

    By CTUBauer24, Feb 10, 2008

    The Doll is a season 7 episode and a funny one at that of the TV show Seinfeld with all of the stories being very funny and not dull nor boring at all this episode made me laugh so much I was crying the doll really did spook me as it did look at lot like Georges mom the funniest part of the episode is Franks moment with the doll as he basically ripped it apart the rest of the episode was also very funny and made me laugh my rating for this episode is 10.0 that is all endmoreless

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    Georgie! Quit eating with your hands!

    By jhale003, Jan 12, 2006

    This is quite possibly my favorite episode. I love the Costanza's anyway. But when George is halucinating about the doll nagging him - that has to be my all-time favorite Seinfeld moment. It gets funnier every time I see it.

    I have to admit, too, maybe too many people won't agree, but I have a thing for Kathy Griffin, and she's in this one quite a bit.

    Pound for pound, the best episode in my opinion. Seinfeld was one of those rare TV shows that actually got better as the years went by. I guess you could say the characters developed. Season 7 is one that I absolutely cannot wait to buy on DVD.moreless

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