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  • Marla: Well... I heard of a... of a... oh I can't! Prosecutor: It's alright, just... slowly... Marla: I was... made aware of a-a contest, between the four of them. In which they... to see who could go the longest without--oh I can't do it! It's too embarrassing! Prosecutor: Its okay, it'll be okay just tell us what happened. Marla: To see who could go the longest without... gratifying themselves! (The court reels back in disgust)

  • George: It was Moops! Bubbleboy: MOORS!

  • (Epilogue, on stage in the prison) Jerry: So what is the deal with the yard? I mean when I was a kid my mother wanted me to play in the yard. But of course she didn't have to worry about my next door neighbor Tommy sticking a shiv in my thigh. And what's with the lockdown? Why do we have to be locked in our cells? Are we that bad that we have to be sent to prison, in prison? You would think the weightlifting and the sodomy is enough. So, anyone from Cellblock D? Prisoner 1: I am. Jerry: I'll talk slower. I'm kidding - I love Cellblock D. My friend George is in Cellblock D. What are you in for,sir? Prisoner 2: Murder one. Jerry: Murder one? Oooooo, watch out everybody. Better be nice to you. I'm only kidding sir - lighten up. How about you, what are you in for? Prisoner 3: Grand theft auto. Jerry: Grand theft auto - don't steal any of my jokes. Prisoner 3: You suck - I'm gonna cut you. Jerry: Hey, I don't come down to where you work, and knock the license plate out of your hand. Guard: Alright, Seinfeld, that's it. Let's go. Come on. Jerry: Alright, hey, you've been great! See you in the cafeteria

  • (Walking to their cell) Jerry: Well, it's only a year. That's not so bad. We'll be out in a year, and then we'll be back. Kramer: Could be fun. Don't have to worry about your meals, or what you're going to do Saturday night. And they do shows. Yeah, we could put on a show - maybe "Bye Bye Birdie" or "My Fair Lady". Elaine, you could be Liza Doolittle. Elaine: Why don't you just blow it out your...

  • Prosecutor: State your name. Soup Nazi: Yev Kasem. Prosecutor: Could you spell that please? Soup Nazi: No! Next question.

  • Jackie Chiles: Didn't I tell you I wanted you to wear the cardigan? George: It makes me look older. Jackie Chiles: Look older? Do you think this is a game? Is that what you think this is? I'm trying to give you a moral compass. You have no moral compass. You're going to walk into that courtroom, and the jury's going to see a mean, nasty, evil George Costanza. I want them to see Perry Como. No one's going to convict Perry Como. Perry Como helps out a fat tub who's getting robbed.

  • Prosecutor: How long was his book overdue?
    Mr. Bookman: 25 years. We don't call them delinquent after that long.
    Prosecutor: What do you call them?
    Mr. Bookman: Criminals.

  • Jackie: (speaking to Jerry) Oh. By the way. They're real, and they're spectacular!

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Notes (18)

  • This two-part episode was nominated for the 1998 Emmy Award for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Series.

  • This is the second and last episode where the guest stars (except for the ones with the "With" credit) were credited in alphabetical order.

  • Wayne Knight (Newman), Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris (Frank & Estelle Costanze), and, Barney Martin and Liz Sheridan (Morty & Helen Seinfeld), receive the "With" credit.

  • The voice of the last heckler to call out at Jerry's jail performance was provided by Larry David.

  • Throughout the series, Larry David has played more parts than any other actor or actress.

  • The Judge explains his sentence is due to the unusual indifference and apathy that the group has. There have been many instances throughout this show where the four of them are uncaring towards others and display selfishness however; earlier this season the episode "The Serenity Now" really highlights this. In that episode Jerry experiments with emotion but ends up in over his head and is confused when he cries. It was actually good foreshadowing for this episode.

  • Whenever a date of an incident is announced in court - 1/4/96 for the marble rye theft, 5/16/96 for the doctor's testimony about the envelopes, 11/18/92 for the Virgin's retelling of the contest, etc - the dates are the airdates of the original episodes.

  • Jackie Chiles flies down to defend Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in this trial based on a short phone call even though, in previous episodes, he's expressed extreme reluctance to represent Kramer due to his tendency to screw up Jackie's work.

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Trivia (12)

  • Goof: Marla says that she dated Jerry in October of 1992, but it was actually November when they dated.

  • After the foursome is arrested, The Latham Ledger has a headline of "Jackie Chiles Set To Defend N.Y. Four In Samaritan Trial". If you take a very close look at the newspaper, you'll see that it's dated May 14th, 1998...which is the same date that this episode aired during its original run.

  • Goof: Elaine casually mentions that the Soup Nazi's soup isn't all that good, but back in the episode "The Soup Nazi," Elaine loved the soup so much, she couldn't even stand.

  • The doctor who informed George of Susan's death testified that George's reaction to the news was "restrained jubilation". However, in Season 7's "The Invitations", George did not react at all in that manner. He reaction was more surprised but indifferent.

  • It was mentioned that the "Bubble Boy" testified against the foursome. However, this seems unlikely. It was actually Susan who punctured his bubble, and he had been choking George at the time. Furthermore, considering that he is unable to leave his bubble, it is difficult to understand how he could have been a witness.

  • It is revealed that the Soup Nazi's real name is actually Yev Kassem.

  • The reporter mentions some of the witnesses that the jury will likely find compelling, and mentions "the woman they sold the defective wheelchair to". This alludes to Season 4's "The Handicap Spot." However, in that episode, they bought the wheelchair for her to replace her other one. Although it was still poor taste to buy a used wheelchair, they simply gave it to her.

  • According to the 'leaving from NY' montage it is revealed that Mickey and David Puddy live one door away from each other.

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  • :
    The trial pays homage to the 1960 film "Inherit the Wind." Particularly, the scene where the attorney discusses how many important people will descend upon their little town, because the case is so high profile.