The Fix-Up

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Quotes (12)

  • Kramer: (breaking up Jerry and Elaine's fight) Can't you two see… that you're in LOVE with each other?

  • Kramer: (breaking up a fight between Jerry and George) The next one of you that opens up your mouth and says something, you're gonna have to deal with me!

  • Elaine: Cynthia thought we should nuke the rainforest, get rid of it in one sweep, just so we can eliminate it as a topic of conversation.

  • George: She missed her period? Oh, my God. I can't believe it! I'm a father! I did it! MY BOYS CAN SWIM!!!

  • Cynthia: He was uncomfortable because it was our first time so he felt he would perform better if we did it in the kitchen. He said the kitchen is always the most sociable room in the house. And he was serious. Elaine: So, how was it? Cynthia: How good could it be? My head was on a hot plate.

  • Cynthia: I mean the problem is that the good ones know they're good. And they know they're in such demand they're just not interested in confining themselves to one person. Elaine: I hate the good ones. Cynthia: Is Jerry one of the good ones? Elaine: That's a good question. I think he thinks he is.

  • Cynthia: What does he look like?
    Elaine: Um, well, he's got a lot of character in his face. Um, he's short. Um, he's stocky.
    Cynthia: Fat. Is that what you're saying, that he's fat?
    Elaine: Powerful. He is so powerful, he can lift a hundred pounds right up over his head. And um, what else. What else. Oh, right. Um, well, he's kind of, just kind of losing his hair.
    Cynthia: He's bald?
    Elaine: No! No, no, no, he's not bald. He's balding.
    Cynthia: So he will be bald.
    Elaine: Yup.

  • Jerry: Well let me tell you something about George. He is fast. He can run like the wind. And he's strong. I've seen him lift a hundred pounds over his head without even knowing it. And you wouldn't know it to look at him, but George can bait a hook.

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Notes (1)

  • Elaine Pope and Larry Charles won an Emmy for writing this episode.

Trivia (7)

  • Elaine says that George was fired for trying poison his boss when what happened in "The Revenge" was that George quit and slipped something in his boss's drink when he refused to take him back.

  • Maggie Jakobson (Cynthia) also worked with Jason Alexander (George) in the movie Sexual Healing (1993).

  • Jerry and George debate whether "timbre" is pronounced tim-ber or tam-ber. Either is correct.

  • When George is ranting about why he won't go out with Cynthia, Jerry and George both have belts on. However, when George comes back out from behind the wall and says, "What does she look like?" the scene changes. When the scene changes, Jerry's belt disappears!

  • When George calls Jerry on the phone he tells him he just got home, yet later he reveals that he and Cynthia just had sex at his apartment, so he couldn’t possibly have just gotten home.

  • Just before they decide to set-up George and Cynthia, Elaine is reading a newspaper. Look carefully at it, there is a section called “San Diego” in the local section which means this is an L.A. paper not a New York one (I doubt a New York paper would have a section about San Diego!)

  • Here's a real nitpick - submitted by viewer Daniel C. Weinblatt - the restaurant scene at the beginning with George and Jerry (when George is complaining to Jerry about his inability to find a woman)is the same restaurant George, Elaine and Jerry were at in "The Busboy" (notice the same tiles on the wall). However -- at the end of "The Busboy" the busboy comes to Jerry's apartment to thank George for getting him fired and thereby saving his life cause the restaurant burned down and the new busboy was killed in the fire. George and I need to get a life.

Allusions (1)

  • When Jerry separates George and Kramer during their squabble he says "Spread out!". This alludes to Moe Howard of Three Stooges fame who stopped the other two stooges from fighting with the same phrase.