The Hamptons

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    I WAS IN THE POOL!!!!!!

    By sluggmunki_tx, Nov 15, 2011

    I tell you that this is the reason why I watch Seinfeld. This is way beyond my favorite episode. I cracked up when I saw the scene where Jerry, Elaine, and George were talking about the shrinkage factor. "What do you mean, like laundry?" LMMFAO!!!! I also like the fact that Kramer got caught catching lobsters that were authorized by the law and he had to do community service. Hahahahahaha!!! I gave this a episode a perfect 10.0 score. Kudos to the Seins.moreless

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    One of the funniest episodes ever.

    By ThaAnswerMD22, Nov 15, 2011

    This is classic Seinfeld and one of the best episodes in the series. There are memorable moments throughout the show that will keep you laughing until the end. From George's "shrinkage", to Kramer stealing Lobsters, and to the infamous ugly baby, if you're looking for laughs pop in this disc from Season 5. Also, Desperate Housewives' Richard Burgi plays the pediatrician.

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    "I was in the pool!"

    By poinsecurra, Nov 15, 2011

    This is another great episode. The gang goes to the Hamptons for the weekend. Kramer fishes for lobster, George has some more below the equator trouble, Elaine meets a doctor and Jerry has to balance an ugly baby and a girlfriend. Some old friends return wanting Jerry and Elaine to see their baby (an ugly baby). Elaine meets and dates the baby's doctor and gets crazy when he calls both her and the baby "breathtaking". Kramer gets in trouble pulling lobsters out of traps, incurring legal troubles. And finally, George is a victim of "shrinkage", in another of the classic moments of the show. He spends the rest of the episode trying to see Jerry's girlfriend naked after she saw him and his girlfriend goes home.moreless

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