The Handicap Spot

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    Jerry & Co. drop off a TV to an engaged couple, but at the same time park in a handicapped spot with George\'s dad\'s car. It causes an accident for a wheelchaired woman.

    By CatillacCat, Jul 12, 2005

    I rented the Seinfeld Season 4 DVD volume 4 just so I could see this one episode. I wanted to see the original actor John Randolph as Frank Costanza. Randolph is quite different from Jerry Stiller\'s take, as Stiller\'s version is more of an obnoxious, loud, self-absorbed character. Randolph does have a bit of the loudness, but he doesn\'t contain the obnoxious or self-absorbness that Stiller brought to the character, making him a Seinfeld favorite.

    Randolph\'s delivery of \"Do you see your face in these shoes?\" is more deadpan than Stiller\'s take of shouting the lines. Nonetheless, both great actors.moreless

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